• Anonymous

    Yeah, if fewer episodes means fewer episodes like “Goblin’s Gold”, then I’m all for it. Make every episode count.

  • Anonymous

    the comedy episodes are good but they are so innacurate I would gladly sacrofice them to get back on track

  • Ben-davis96

    you see look i really really want merlin this time bee way better but the first 3seasons are cool but this season 4 and 5 need to more on the excalibur myth plus itll hafto come back after dr who finished airing autumn 2011 :)

  • Caitlin Nuttall

    YES!!! :) i have been told that merlin will tell arthur his serrate… and `ve been dreaming of how that will turn out ever since!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE SHOW! dearly dearly dearly!

    • Sailornova

      YES! In fanfiction, there have been many ways that Arthur finds out and my favorite is him getting knocked out (yet again!) and waking up to see Merlin protecting him with powerful magic then pretending he didn’t see it! I’m certain this idea would be a great one to use and the author won’t mind, I’m sure! Believe me, she’d be thrilled! Anyway, I can’t wait! Do you know how they are gonna do it??

  • Caitlin Nuttall

    I hope that they`l keep the same cast!!! i love colin morgan and angel and katie and richard and anthony and bradley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sailornova

      Yes, they are keeping the same actors they are just adding the knights we all know!

  • DoctorDragon79

    Good that its sticking around! :)

  • I heard an update that Merlin season 4 WILL BE BACK TO 13 EPISODES as regular!!! YAY!!!! :D

  • Katshandyjasper

    I really hope their is a merlin 5 and 4 cuz i am a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Emma

    “Less comedy episodes and more focus on advancing the story and the myth.”

    I diagree that Merlin needs less humour. I fear it will get too dark and brooding. Merlin has it’s magic because of its humour, amazingly styled sets and fabulous relationships, and it explores the myth through these. Without the humour it would be like 99% of the other programmes out there and regulars would soon get bored. Series 1-3 have had the perfect balance and that’s why I for one watch it. Long may it continue!

  • joshua lang

    I agree with Emma. Merlin needs to keep its humour because it enhanses the films rather than making them worse. The comedy of the series makes it fresh, so viewers can watch them over and over. All of the series I have watched have just enough comedy, myth and intrigue to keep regular viewers, like me, watching every week. Keep it the same. Merlin for ever!!!!!!