• yes yes yes yay

  • Marlena

    love the new look morgana
    XD all the cool stuff is in autumn now

    • RyanMontyGeronimo

      Yup, Merlin, DW, Walking Dead, Terra Nova, so much good TV!

    • Anonymous

      ye merlin dw and mabye sja


  • Qtgennabbf

    gahahghahahagajhhahh i’m sooooooo-oososososoosoooosososos excited!!!

  • Fatiimah 786

    I think series 4 is going to be more epic than the last three seasons, we also see all the characters taking on better governed roles, and some of the old baddies, like nimueh and mordred come back, and thts great, cuz the whole morgause things becoming a hinderence to Morganas alliance with bigger people, too give merlin a run for his money. things are changing for everyone. its going to be bloody great!!

  • Merlinfan

    i can’t wait for season 4 its going to be a great season with lots of the myth and legend coming together yay. i think it might be the beast season ever also can’t believe that thewre is a season 5 another yay can’t wit to watch all the myths coming in. yay for merlin

    • Merlinfan

      i am so sorry i was meant to say ‘i can’t believe there is a season 5’ but can’t wit to see season 4 yay

      • Merlinfan

        yay can’t wait to see season 4 really looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Team Evil!


  • Shantel

    cant wait i luv the cast fortunatly i was at sandiago for a holiday and guess i got to meet them at comic con bradly and collin was soo cute !!!! katie was sweet as always

  • Roses_rose_garden

    can’t wait to see the next season It’s been off for too long

  • pink argonians

    love merlin, cant wait hope we see more of dragon 

  • Cloudlandgirl

    this series is wonderful i really like it from heart!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait for the next season………

  • Alisha Maughan

    woop woop carnt wait we all need to see  some more arthur and gwen 

  • Shabina

    hey av got this great idea of makin a virtual world based on the drama series bit like pottermore when i requested the site being made to the “experts” the only way they were willing to make a free virtual world was if they had prove that enough ppl would sign up ect .so i need u guys to spread the word pls !! on facebook,twitter about how much we want the site
    dont u think itd be really kewl i wanna know ure views thoughts etc ideas?

    also a new merlin site gonna be up on the net when the new seriess start hope u like it !!! 

    • Merlinfan

      I think that it would be a great idea and because Merlin is such a popular show on BBC One it would be a good thing to have and people could carry on seeing or watching things in the Merlin world. Also people won’t get bored of the whole idea off this virtual world as they know that Merlin is such a good programme and it could carry on and on. Also i love Merlin to pieces, so i think that this would be a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shabina

        thanx for the reply i thought the same as so many ppl including me are excited for pottermore and i know for sure ppl will be for merlin
        “thankyou merlin fan for sharing your views”

        • Shabina

          dont u think on this “virtual” site it would be really kewl if we could see avalon and other magical worlds (just a thought )