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  • Anonymous

    soo morgause lives do you by any chance know the air date or is it just autumn time

    • Merlinfan

      It airs this October after Doctor Who has finished the second half of the 6th series. I can’t wait for it to air i’m soooooooooooooo excited about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlpinky

    nom….colin morgan.

  • Guineapik

    wow…. i can believe it’s come to this already. I love ‘merlin’ so much, its the one tv show i am obsessed with

  • Alisha Maughan

    I love merlin and i carnt wait it is just 2012  is to far a way being human finished this year and its coming on this year but i dont know why merlin wont do what being human is doing 

  • Marlena

    XD i love merlin and morganas my favourite

  • Dani Rains

    Merlin, soooo my favorite, but I still think they should draw out the him not telling anyone, though gwen and gwaine are the two I am almost 100% sure they will let find out.
    I mean cummon, Lancelot and Gwaine are Merlin’s buddies, can’t keep Gwaine outta the loop. lol

  • CoOolBecks

    if more people don’t find out about Merlins magic this series I’m going to get frustrated. Morgana has to find out! it would be soo unrealistic if Merlin keeps saving the day magically and Morgana doesn’t notice. I want gwen to find out too. shes been friends with merlin since series one, how has she never noticed???? The idea of merlin keeping his magic a secret is getting soo old