• Merlinfan

      Yeah, it is so so EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Marlena


  • Flipping epic :D Cult Fix, also the scheduling for episode 1 is Saturday 1 October at 8pm (time not confirmed)

    • KingdomCrusader

      It won’t be 8pm. They have Strictly Come Dancing and Casualty to show which is usually on around that time. It will most likely be around 6pm if Doctor Who goes to 7pm like it has so far.

      • The Doctor Who finale is confirmed to air at 6pm, followed by Strictly and Merlin, so Merlin will air at around 7 or around 8.

        • KingdomCrusader

          Doctor Who isn’t confirmed at 6pm yet. That time is still provisional until next week. The last few weeks it has been down for 6pm but it actually aired at 7ish when they finalised the schedule.

  • Com_12345678910

    omg do u know how many times i have watched this aqnd does auther know merlin is magic bneacuse he says “do u know how many times i have saved your life”

  • Merlinfan

    This is soooo amazing the trailer is so cool, i cannot wait until October !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!