• CyberMalak

    Merlin is very silly at times (Why go through all the intricate planning when Morgana could just make a tree fall on all of them with a snap of her fingers-or rather, a glare?) but it’s still good fun. Glad it’s coming back, hope there’ll be darker episodes more often next series!

    • Chev

      Merlin is cool and a refreshing change from the usual crap, real shame they have not followed the correct story line of the myths though

  • Jack_97

    I’m so bored with Merlin now. Finish it with series 4 and have done with it

    • i like merlin, i think its something to keep us ocupied while doctor who isnt on and we have an agonising wait

    • Philandjenmoss

      are you nuts?

    • C&M

      don’t watch it then. leave it to the real fans.

    • jenny

      are u crazy merlin is awesome

      • DoctorDragon79


  • A bit off topic but why have there been no updates on Nikita?

  • Toogood2berealuk

    Merlin is the best thing on tv at the moment takes the adult back to being a kid rather this then that X factor tripe my wife trys to watch

  • Sue

    Well I have enjoyed watching Merlin & looking forward to the next ones too! it’s modern,I like the humour it’s upbeat,I love the cast.I have also enjoyed watching True Blood,Supernatural,Vampire Diaries & Ghost Whisperer,trauma & V & Pillars of the Earth too!!.I like new programmes,they make a refreshing change pretty sick of watching repeat films,not into soaps or footy.It’s great to watch something new & different instead of the same old things.got my thumbs up!!!!

  • Philandjenmoss

    what a fantastic series, i love the show and cant wait for series 4, oh and there is no contest between doctor who and merlin, merlin wins hands down and i hope the series will continue for many many years xxx

  • Arthur


  • C&M

    Merlin is funny, exciting, witty, and romantic. yumyum. Arthur is an absolute dream and I CANNOT WAIT to see more of him next year. The Merlin/Arthur banter is priceless although Morgana’s evil smile is over used to the point of insanity. I think it’s time for Uther to go and eagerly await the reign of King Arthur.


      I agree Arthur in LUSH

    • Imogen :)

      I agree. It’s about time Arthur took the throne and found out about Merlin’s powers, but all the same: MERLIN IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Jez

    Why isn’t Merlin repeated on the BBC? Endless repeats of Dr Who, but wouldn’t it be in the interest of the BBC to repeat Merlin, especially as it has been up against X-Factor?
    Shame it’s only 10 episodes too

  • Asaandmerlin

    Asa (Mordred) wasn’t even in one episode last series so next series they need to bring him back, and I want a Christmas special this year as well

  • Jennylmhunter

    Merlin is totally awesome please don’t stop making it – series 5 YES!! The effects are cool, the cast is great and the setting brilliant.

  • Jennyimhunter

    i love to see Arthur and gwen in there relationship because there so cute together B)

  • MerlinNerd

    I adore Merlin, it is my favourite TV programme by far. Cannot wait for series 4 to return (I heard that Nimeuh, Alvaar and Mordred will return, eek!) and I’m desperatly waiting for confirmation on the date (even the year would be good to know at this point :D), this seems to be the most official (looking) confirmation but I’m not going to get my hopes up until the BBC announce it personally :)

    I love Merlin (and Arthur :) ) so much, hopefully the series will continue after Merlin’s secret has been revealed and Arthur has been made king.

    All hail King Arthur!

    • Imogen :)

      Nimueh??????? Ahhhhh I can’t wait!!!! Although she is the Lady of the Lake so it was kind of innevitable! :)

      • ILoveMerlin

        Nimueh was killed by Merlin on the Isle of the blessed unless she can come back from the dead I doubt she’ll return. Also Freya the cursed girl is the lady of the lake she returned Excalibur to Merlin in Camelots time of need. :)

  • Snowskisunsea

    Series 3 just finished here in the U.S. on Syfy… Absolute best – only show I record and DO NOT delete after watching. Hoping we get series 4 (and 5, 6, 7… ) here too. :)

    • Jalal

      and shall never finish :D

  • DoctorDragon79

    I dont want it to clash with Doctor Who, but i luv it, watching it now on cbbc!!!! (LOL) i luv Merlin, its epic

    • amy97

      lol me 2, but i am a massive fan of doctor who.i would’ve preferred it not clashing because we have to wait another year for season 4

  • Ionaeloise

    just found out that arther wont find out merlins secrout in season 4 how anoying

  • william samuel

    i like the movie of the merlin

  • Sevosia

    Just so you guys know- there will only be 5 seasons of merlin. Its how they have planned it and from the beginning the producers have said its 5 years and then finito! As much as we would all love it to continue on forever, that ain’t gonna happen. Thought you should all be aware – some of you have commented that you can;t wait for series 6 or 7. Better to reallise now that there is not gonna be one, than to be suddenly shocked later!!!

  • Connor

    i am really devastated due to the fact there are only 5 series. there should be at least 7 or 8 as Merlin does not tell his secret to Arthur in the 4th series which i have been waiting for. The original book does state that Merlin tells Arthur about his magic and brings magic back into Camelot. The producers should think about this and hopefully gain more episodes through the book.

    • Imogen :)

      I’m not sure that they have confirmed that there will only be 5 series’, I thought that was just a possibility? :(

    • Sevosia

      The secret is revealed in series 5. At kapow conference last month johnny capps, the producer, got asked if aurthur would find out about merlin’s magic in series 4. He said he always gets asked this and then said ‘maybe if you ask me this at the same time next year there might be a different answer’. so i figure he finds out in series 5 which is why i thought they must be sticking to the 5 year plan. But fingers crossed that i’m wrong! Bring on merlin series 6, 7 …25!!!

      • Laura_hanton

        if it does well enough why would they stop? you never know and jst because arthur finds out doesnt mean series is over heres hoping anyway !!!

  • Imogen :)

    Merlin is amazing and I’m so glad that they have changed their minds and it’s back to 13 episodes, rather than the 10 that they originally said………. Now all we have to do is wait…………… HURRY UP MERLIN!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Staralue(guest)

    Merlin is really a very interesting series; it’s pretty hard to put the remote away! I hope they don’t decide to follow the original Merlin ending and leave Morgana happily do her thing after she locks Merlin in an icecube sinking lower and lower into the water forever. . . . . . That would be awfully sad.  I don’t expect that they’ll necessarily do that, though. I am really excited about this next season!!!
                                                                 Waiting slightly impatiently,

  • Jamie

    i am in love with merlin and all its characters bradley and colin are soo cute together ( i dont mean that in like a cute couple way just that they are really funny and cute ) …. i wish merlin could never end and i cant wait for the next series to be on . i ‘ve been waiting ages and within that wait have now watched series 1,2 &3 for the second time !!..:-D….xxx

  • Alisha Maughan

    i love merlin ive been trying to find out stuff about it on the fourth on apparently margana comes back and she killes uther and Arthur and gwen get married 

  • Hayleywright

    wat month wil series 4 of merlin air on tv?

    • Zoe

      most probaly in the UK air on the 8th October :) and in the US early 2012

  • Georgia97

    does anyone acctualy know when its out?

  • ILoveMerlin

    I love Merlin. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched series 1, 2 & 3! I think it’s time for Uther to go, Arthur to reign and Merlin to reveal his secret… I can’t wait to see the look on Arthurs face when he finds out his man servant is a Sorcerer! Will be PRICELESS.

    Love youu Merlin

    Waiting slightly impatiently -.- 

  • Shabina

    i luv merlin too!!!! its coming on october 8 cant wait

  • SalWych

    I believe it’s actually being shown on Saturday October 1st so don’t miss it!!