• Exciting stuff! Arthur is King?

    • 13thDoctor

      Theres always a catch!!

    • Merlinfan

      Yeah hurray for Arthur !!!!!!

  • 1) what happened to Merlin?
    2) Arthur?
    3) Gwen?
    4) NO FACES? (or waa that just me that heard that?)
    5) The knights?
    6) someone blocked half the screen >:@

  • Merlinfan

    it will be very interesting to get to see the arthur/gwen/lancelot love triangle being played out, can’t wait to see the trailer on BBC !!!!!! 

  • awesome! looks like the knights are going to be doing loads of action in style!

    • Merlinfan

      Yeah your right, i think that they are in most of the episodes of season 4, it’s going to be AWSOME, I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    who do u think will win morgana or merlin????????