• Marlena

    “You are no longer the **** ** **** ****!”
    you are no longer the last of your kind?

    • Pdurston

      It sounds something straight from Doctor Who Series 3 lol.


      You Are Not Alone


    • ok 2 dragon lords

  • Merlin…

    And don’t worry Merlin, people worry about my mental health everyday.

  • Anonymous

    No Morgana or Gwen? Aw, crud.

    • Merlinfan

      Yeah, it’s really sad isn’t it.

  • bestmerlinfaneva

    oh my god!!!!!!!! i cant wait for saturday

  • Rox Ro89

    O M  G.

    So much bromance i could dieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    • Allan

      By bromance you mean homosexual romance, right? Because that is all I see.

      • Watchtower

        lol i love you xD

  • I can’t wait for more Colin Morgan and of his amazing portrayal of Merlin on my screen! 

  • po_nochka

    “A ***** ****** is indeed a rare thing”

    A loyal friend is indeed a rare thing

  • Merlinfan

    It is sooo sad that gwen and morgana aren’t in this one, but it looks really good, there’s more bromance going on LOL. Love the episodes so far can’t wait for saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tonight’s episode looks brilliant and funny lol!

  • HD

    Colin Morgan is wonderful in this episode, once again.