• tomb of AZKABAN in merlin now who came up with the name first harry potter or merlin?

    • Anonymous

      I think it was Azkana or something, by the way i love Merlin’s bed hair ;)

      • I realised is was Azkana or whatever but lets just keep the ‘magic’ shows connected :P By the way in episode 11 when Gwen met Morgana and she threw her back don’t you think she should have just said ‘Avaadaacadavra’ really long like Voldermort when he killed Harry :P

        • Anonymous

          Fair enough, can’t argue with that :), and yeah i think if she said it, it would have been much easier, but then Gwen would be dead :( and which time when he ‘killed’ Harry? :P

          • The ‘last’ time

          • Anonymous

            Ahh okay i see what you mean.

  • HD

    Merlin is so gorgeous!