• Do we know what episode 3 is called?

    • Nope. BBC did not release a title and no TV listings sources seems to know either. Strange.

      • jk kid

        cultfix are u the same person as doctorwhotv

        • Not always the same person, It depends on who writes the post.

          • CyberMalak

            Does that mean it’s the same with DoctorWhoTV, different people with one account.

            Now my heads starting to hurt…

          • Guest

            There are 3 people running Doctor Who TV but I don’t know how many for Cult Fix…

          • Krystian Jonski

            ok so they login as doctorwhotv and its not one author oh thats so confusing,

      • Apparently this episode is now called Goblin’s Gold.

        • So it is. Nice find – they took their sweet time on that one!

  • Oh yeah, the Goblin was in the trailer and they mentioned it in the interviews.

  • CyberMalak

    Great… This doesn’t sound very impressive. Sounds like one of those naff comedy ones to me.

  • Jack_97

    This doesn’t stoke me as being a very imaginative plot