• Episode 1 was magnificent!!! I loved it, such a good ep. They really didn’t hold back on this one and now I almost can’t believe that they’ll be able to top it with the finale (but of course they will lol). This trailer makes me more excited for episode 2, unfortunately I think it’s almost a guarantee that Camelot will win, and Uther will stay king. But what’s more interesting about the episode, and what more is up in the air at this moment, is Morgana and her character. What’s going to happen with her? It seems like she’ll stay at Camelot past this episode so will she end up stopping Morgause, or will Merlin make Morgana see the better way to use magic, or perhaps Morgana will pretend she’s changed (again) for the better? Aww so many question to answer.

    • Morgause

      Agreed it was a great episode. I really hope Morgana doesn’t turn good all of a sudden. She’s killed an innocent now and they all know it. And she was complicit in trying to kill Merlin. I can’t see any way back for her character. In the myth she is bad anyway.

      • Yeah exactly, in the myth she’s a bad person anyways, but that’s what’s confusing because in interviews with her (namely the one that’s posted on here by digital spy) she’s on the set of episode 6 filming and she’s in her proper Lady Morgana garb… very confusing.

  • Jack_97

    I thought the first episode was really slow and boring personally!

    • I totally agree but it was not slow, everything went by so fast. I prefer more comedy in Merlin