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Merlin: Nintendo DS Game Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming Merlin game on Nintendo DS has been released. The game, entitled A Servant of Two Masters, is based upon the Series 4 episode of the same name.

More details:

Merlin: A Servant of Two Masters features a mix of hidden-object adventure scenes and over 15 spell-binding puzzles and mini-action games. Players must help characters from the TV show including Merlin, Arthur, Gaius and Guinevere, progress through the levels of the game and ultimately try to free Merlin from Morgana’s spell. Test your hidden-object skills and help Arthur and the heroes of Camelot in this daring quest to save Merlin!

Merlin: A Servant of Two Masters launches 26th October 2012.

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  • TardisBoy

    Ermm I dont think I’ll be buying this game….I was hoping for a proper RPG, ahh well :/

    • Pdurston

      Looks rather naff doesn’t it? :/

      • TardisBoy

        Indeed it does, it looks like a cheap rip off of a Professor Layton game :/

        • Pdurston

          Never played it but I imagine you’re right.

          • TardisBoy

            It’s a fantastic trilogy of games!! It has a sherlock holmes feel to them, and each game has a massive twist at the end. It’s one of the only series where the sequels are better than the originals. I’d highly recommend it if you like solving puzzles and own a DS xD

          • Pdurston

            Ah yes, I know the game, I think I’ve seen them advertised before. Shame really, I would love to play them if I owned a DS. :(


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