• What a tease, yeah! I hope Aithusa won’t turn out to be a bad dragon. I already love him too much. x’D

  • MikeAP001

    I’m convinced after reading this that the writers have put Morgana on a Heroine’s Journey.  I know it sounds hard to believe but Morgana can become the Hero of this story.  That Journey involved the following up until Season 04: Stage 1: SEPARATION FROM THE FEMININE: The rejection of typically female values, the Mother (Triple) Goddess, and the female archetype. (Beginning in Season 1 Episode 1, during her refusal to join the celebration and later challenging Uther in To Kill the King in Episode 12) Stage 2: IDENTIFICATION WITH THE MASCULINE & GATHERING OF ALLIES: The heroine finds a Mentor (Morgause) to guide her through the male dominated world who initiates her into her new realm or masculine combat or contests. (Seen as early as Season 1 on meeting Merlin, Mordred, the Druids and progressing through the Seasons as Morgana became more like Uther).  Stage 3: ROAD OF TRIALS, MEETING OGRES & DRAGONS & FALSE KNIGHTS : A series of trials in which she must integrate the masculine qualities needed to complete her quest by internalizing traditionally male strengths and slaying of male monster archetypes: # Two-headed Dragon of Dependency – conflicting needs of her endeavor and family must be ‘slain’ by finding a balance between them. (The conflict between her magic and her familial ties to Arthur and Uther) # Ogre, the Tyrant of Inferiority -(Uther) # Knight in shining Armour – The illusion of the person who will solve all her problems must be seen through and dispatched; otherwise, she returns to being a maiden in distress (Agravaine) Stage 4: FINDING THE ILLUSORY BOON OF SUCCESS:  At the highpoint of her struggle, Morgana gains the throne but she learns that it is easier to judge how to rule than to actually rule. Morgana obtains her goal of her quest but this is illusory because this alone does not return the old religion and make the land safe for magic. Instead, she is hated and it seems so is magic. (The Coming of Arthur in S03 and the Sword in the Stone in S04).  And she enters, Stage 5: PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL ARIDITY: DEATH. But, she is given a second chance. 

    So, Season 5 will be about the continuing Journey of Morgana, Gwen, Arthur, and Merlin upon the Hero’s Path and in doing so, they will complete their transformation from one hero type to another with the aid of the Dragons in forming Albion.

  • Nimueh123

    From what I have read it looks like that the 2 dragons might become adversaries.  What a shame if that happens.  We all love little Aithusa!  And how could she (assuming Aithusa is a she) turn against Merlin if he is the dragonlord who brought her into the world?

    • MikeAP001

      If this is following the Hero’s Journey then we can expect our hero (Merlin) to encounter since season 1 until now certain antagonist types notably: an Ogre of Tyranny (sort of like Uther), various false knights (kind of like Valiant and Agravaine) and the Twin or two-headed Dragon(s) of Dependency (one represents the past and present while the other represents the present and future). Either figuratively or literally, the Hero must “slay” these dragons to carve out the present which will pave the way for his own future.  So, we can expect to see Merlin at odds with either one or both of the dragons either as a friendly disagreement here and there or an all out war to the death.

      As for turning against Merlin, the Wyverns seem to act independently of Merlin UNLESS Merlin commands them otherwise.  Perhaps, their distant cousins the Dragons are the same.  The dragons can act independently of Merlin until he gives them a direct command.  And, Aithusa acted independently because I doubt Merlin forbade the dragon to help Morgana.

      As for motive, from the perspective of those within the story, Aithusa probably did it because of the innocence of youth which makes people do rash things (Merlin Season 1-4).  There’s nothing to say otherwise until the writers let us know.  From the perspective of the story teller, Aithusa’s act has many purposes including redemption, resurrection, and re-birth which will depend on the writers of the show.

      My own preference however is that Morgana is not THE NEMESIS, the Great Enemy, the Shadow.  Instead, I’d like to see someone else take that role like Mordred. 

  • RusselTRocks

    Why can’t Morgana just die already!

    • MikeAP001

      Because then it takes away from the drama in the War with the Saxons in Season 5.

      • Merlinfan1

        Because she is apart of the story and to be honest with you, you do need a baddie in a programme, otherwise it will take away the drama and it would just be boring. It also gives an interesting feel to the programm and, that’s what makes Merlin carry on is because the characters are different espacilly morgana and the people love the drama. Morgana is a love to hate character and that makes it even better to see what she is going to do next in camelot… i can’t wait i’m sooo excited!

        • MikeAP001

           That too.

  • i just recently started watching merlin, I love it.  Keep it coming, and bring in a new
    enemy for merlin like Morgana.

  • Katherine Ledson

    I hate Morgana but she is a good strong enemy/character and I always love to see what terrible things she will come up with next, I also hope she will team up with Mordred because I think Mordred is a good strong character and I love the actor of mordred! – Morgause