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Merlin: Morgan Thanks Fans, Doubts Movie

merlin-series-5-finale-pics-(3)Colin Morgan has thanked the fans for his win in the ‘Drama Performance: Male’ at the National Television Awards earlier this week.

Morgan told Digital Spy: “This award is a true testament to the amazing support of the public. It will always be a reminder for me of the love people have for the show, the great times I had, the hard work of everyone involved and how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing. I want to send my huge appreciation to everyone who voted for me.”

As for a return to Merlin for the once proposed movie, Morgan doubts it will happen: “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

But he added: “But who knows – let’s see what happens when the future comes.”

Morgan is currently filming his next project for the BBC, a guest role in new drama Quirke. See a sneak peek here.

  • Nimueh123

    I do not think any of the cast is even wasting a thought on a Merlin movie at the moment. I think time will have to pass and if then there is an opportunity maybe they will reconsdier. I would love to see them working together again, Merlin or not.
    A Christmas special would be nice. One to make up for last year’s that broke our hearts!

  • ThirdofEight

    I would like to see a spin-off of Merlin dealing with Arthur’s return or reincarnation in the present day, following from the brilliant ending to the finale. It’s an extremely clever concept (one that I wish I’d thought of myself), and could make for a great contemporary family drama in contrast to Merlin’s high fantasy. An older actor for Merlin would make sense, so Colin wouldn’t have to come back (though perhaps he wouldn’t rule out guest appearances for flashbacks). And depending on how Arthur’s character was handled, they could use an older actor or have his personality and memories reborn in a modern-day person.

    But I don’t think I would be satisfied with anyone besides Katie McGrath playing Morgana, who would most definitely have to come back from the dead. So maybe it’s not such a good idea. :)

    • Nimueh123

      I think for most of us there is no Merlin without Colin.
      I would not be very interested in a spin off if there weren’t at least Colin and Bradley in it. And that is most unlikely to happen.

      • ThirdofEight

        True. If they were to do such a series, they’d have to market it more as its own, self-contained story than a Merlin spin-off. And plan on attracting a different fanbase than the original Merlin. Still, I would probably watch it as a feeble attempt to fill the void left by Merlin’s absence.

  • Nova Doctor

    I doubt there will be a movie but a spin off seems to be on the cards.

  • The Magister

    I reckon a spin-off for this series COULD theoretically work. Sure, we can’t bring back the cast that we know and love, but we CAN hope that the story lives on.
    Think about Doctor Who, for example. It has/had two spin-offs; Torchwood and The Sarah-Jane Adventures. With Merlin, a Torchwood-style spin-off (same kind of themes, different characters, yet containing references to people, places and events from the mother series) could possibly work. Perhaps by going further into the past, looking at the Pendragon dynasty in Arthur’s young childhood, or even the youth of Uther.
    Or perhaps going forward into the future – Arthur is soon to return, and there is a group of people fighting against evil in order to welcome him. Both could include flashes of the original actors too.
    Not that I’m saying either of these particularly appeals to me as they stand here – you need a great plot and some amazing writers, along with a brilliant cast and crew, to bring something like this off. I merely wanted to point out that, although ‘Merlin’ is over, the fandom lives on. And I truly doubt it will ever really die.
    This is not the death of Camelot – it does not have to end with Arthur, nor start with Merlin’s arrival. There is much still to be told, and – hopefully – the BBC will one day tell us the story of Camelot as we have not yet seen it.
    But for all of us, as well as this ‘land of myth’ in its ‘time of magic’, the only thing we can do is hope and wait. Hope that this beautiful adventure doesn’t die here. Wait to see what happened before, or what is to happen next.


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