• Ivyteainn

    The myth needs to be put to rest that the BBC or Shine canceled Merlin. It
    was the actors that didn’t want to continue. So if you think there needs to be
    blame assigned, then you should do it to the appropriate people. The people
    trying to “restart Merlin” might as well give it up. You are wasting your time
    unless you want a whole new slate of actors, which I doubt that you do. People
    need to move on and not hope that the actors will return to play roles that they
    don’t want to.

  • Peripherus

    Giving hope to fans and then saying no is just not fair, especially considering the extremely rushed and awful end to it all.

  • 10th rules

    Wouldn’t a modern day series of Merlin with Colin reprising his role be interesting? Like he can try to find the ruins of Camelot and stuff like that, I think it would be a great road for the BBC to undertake once Atlantis comes to an end =)

  • Peripherus

    I really think a modern version could be AMAZING!

  • Nimueh123

    This was the first time that Colin very clearly stated that doing more Merlin would be going backwards. If neither he nor Bradley want to do it, there is not point.
    I do understand it from their point of view because they seemed to like the ending. But for us 5.13 will always hurt. (Even now it leaves that empty feeling in my stomach…)

    • lp229

      For months following ‘The Diamond of the Day’ I was really sentimental about what the show was originally about and how the course S5 took just seemed inorganic to the preceding narrative. Now, however, I have gone off ‘Merlin’ entirely.

      Five whole series and the show didn’t go anywhere. The relationship between Arthur and Merlin never properly evolved, it oscillated according to the episode and it was hardly a touching bond, with Arthur being horrible at times. The knights of the Round Table, which seemed to be about Arthur’s only achievement as he became king, lacked individuality and the heroic deeds that defined their characters of legend. By S5 they had become little more than extras with occasional input towards the dialogue. If you see past the smoke and mirrors that the producers deployed in attempt to make use belief that Arthur’s ‘Golden Age’ was wonderful, it is difficult to avoid the verdict that his reign was a failure because the unjust persecution of people with magic had been central to the show.

      Now I would have been content with the ending if the groundwork for it was firmly established throughout S1-4, but we were continually told that Arthur and Merlin would achieve something together. S5 ultimately appeared to be a destruction of the shows principles, characters and the morals that it stood for.

      • Nimueh123

        Sigh. I do agree with you on quite a lot ! If you start thinking about it – the writers really did mess Merlin up. If you look at the seasons you do get the feeling that they made up the stories as they went along, having a vague ‘arc’ in the back of their minds. Very vague. They left too much open at the end and did not fulfil so many promises they made to us viewers!

      • finalerewrite

        Yes, I agree with you on all counts, and have a few more points to add.

        Arthur -so annoying when ready to leave the lake with Gwen restored to her own self and just abandon Merlin there.

        Morgana – so absentmindedly forgetful at the last scene – she was so paranoid about Emrys this whole time, torturing and killing ppl just to get to him -and now , instead of stabbing him in the back with her special forged blade, she just carelessly knocked him out of the way to have her last word with Arthur.

        And what happened to the most powerful and beautiful line of Merlin to Arthur ;”And I swear to protect you or die at your side!” -?

        I think it would make so much sense,be so much more humane to let Merlin to die at Arthur’s side,from Morgana’s dagger, (instead of sentence him to miserable ,bittter lonely existence -forever!).And they should be taken together to Avalon (as “2 sides of 1 coin”), by dragon, or Freya …