• M

    I think Colin Morgan is right. Doing a movie would make a lot of fans unhappy.

  • As sorry as I am to see the show end, I like the idea of when it’s over it’s over. But I can’t wait to see what our wonderful cast and producers do next with their careers.

    • Nimueh123

      Absolutely! And I wouldn’t trust the current producers enough to make a good job out of a movie.

  • This is unfortunate that Colin doesn’t want to do a movie. Bradley is willing to do so. I disagree with those who say that the fans don’t want a movie; most do. A movie would be a career booster. Of course, no one can force an actor to do what they don’t want to do. So if he won’t reconsider than I think the idea is dead. But then again, who knows what the future holds.

  • That Awkward Silent

    I wonder of by unexpected he means character deaths. Maybe Arthur is mortally wounded and the whole “Life for a life” thing from the series 1 finale comes into play again. It’d be a great ending if Merlin gives up his own life so Arthur can live.

  • Nimueh123

    Well in the hope that Colin knows what the fans want (and I certainly trust him much more than TPTB! I feel a tiny bit more hopeful for the end of the show.

  • I understand Colin, Bradley, Katie, Eowin’s reasons and explanations for not extending Merlin beyond Season 5, no problem there. I can also understand and accept their reasoning about not doing any movie version. What I don’t like is the inference that fans’ ideas and expectations were theirs and theirs alone (to use a familiar Merlin Series expression). I’m not placing blame or pointing fingers when I say I heard a lot of comments from the stars themselves, not definitive maybe but hinting that such things were being considered by the producers, BBC/Skye, and the principals Colin Bradley Katie etc. Teasers perhaps or just wanting to be part of the overall discussion including fans. But I hadn’t thought of a Series 6 Merlin until I read that one or more of the parties involved in doing a Series 6 commenting on it on YouTube, media sites such as this. Nor had it occurred to me that there might be a series of movies, an idea btw which I thought wasn’t likely to come off and might compete with the Series as it stands, and probably wouldn’t be as good, since movie spinoffs from tv series generally haven’t been as successful as it was thought they would be.

    So, with that said I think it’s fine to end with Episode Last Series 5, and I look forward with excitement to see how it will turn out. Especially for Mordred since he’s the newest and most provocative kid on the block, y’know, Arthur’s Bane and all that — although here I would like to remind all if you might have forgotten, it was the mysterious and funny space alien character which told Merlin in no uncertain terms that Arthur’s bane was himself, strongly suggesting not just implying it wasn’t Mordred who would be responsible for Arthur’s undoing or unmaking, but the King himself. Hmmm, now I wonder what that could possibly mean? Could it really be that Arthur somehow fumbles the ball and falls on his head, er, sword, uh, whatever…?

    Seriously, if Merlin doesn’t remember that crucial scene he needs to have his head examined. Maybe Gaius can help as he always is willing to do, if Merlin would just listen. Ahem!