• 12thDoctor

    I don’t like morganna bad. She was really nice to everyone and cared so much about Gwen and Merlin.

    • DoctorDragon79

      Me neither
      i liked her nice, she risked her life (basically) for sort of standing up to Uther

      • 12thDoctor

        Definately! But she did almost kill uther in series 1, but did SAVE him after.

        • DoctorDragon79

          I know but im still dont know how she turned evil ive only acually watched series one on cbbc and just over half of the latest series

          • []L!

            No I like her bad lol

  • 12thDoctor

    Wow! I’m the first to comment! :D

  • Marlena

    i love bad morgana, shes awesome XD i love it when good characters go bad, if only they had more of that on dr who
    and mordred is one of my favourite characters so he better come back

    • Merlinfan

      I love the bad Morgana too, it makes the series better to watch as you have good people like Merlin & Arthur saving all the things that the bad people do and Katie McGrath plays Morgana soooo well. I love her so much, she does a good job of it. The last episode of season 3 was good because we got to see a really darker Morgana to the one we keep seeing. This season it going to be GREAT. I LOVE MERLIN SOOO MUCH!!!

  • Shantell

    it soo kewl =) i think shes the only evil character av liked lol