• Jerry The Tomato

    “They took the blood from a **** and mingled it with that of a *******” 4 letters, 7 letters. Hmmm…

    • Colin Fan

      They took the  blood from a girl and mingled it with that os a serpent

      • Jerry The Tomato

        woah, how’d you work that out? Was it on thoe trailer? I don’t listen carefully enough….

        (Just so you know, I’m not being sarcastic, I really don’t know how you worked it out)

      • Damn… Why can’t it be unicorn…

  • Mariah

    wow,looks good Gwen showing Arthur that she isn’t really A sweet maid but also a tough one!
    Go Gwen!

  • Colin Morgan/Merlin looks so handsome in that picture… In fact, he looks always gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this photo. 

  • Vanitas

    I hope for Arthur’s sake he is not the one who tells Merlin “you’re nothing but a servant” a reset button on their friendship is one thing I don’t need or want.

    • Jerry The Tomato

      Yeah, but who else is likely to say that with that amount of directness to Merlin. I have a feeling it will  probably be him (So I will run up at smack arthur on the face, if he does)

      • Vanitas

        Oh no he won’t.. ..I hope it’s Percival ;-;..

      • L-A-P

        It could be Arthur or the knights, they might have their minds possessed by the creature that is causing them to turn against each other.

        • Merlinfan

          Yeah i agree with you, cause in the trailer when Merlin walks up to the girl Percival says ‘get away form her’ in an angry way, hmm….., this is very interesting, I can’t wait, WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Hope by the end of this series gwen will find out merlins secret and help him

  • Reid5262

    I would also hate it if Arthur said that to Merlin.  It would be so arrogant and condescending after all they have been through together!

    • merlinfanepic013

      from what Merlin has been through, its like nothing can touch him. can not wait for all those feelings and emotions to build up and finally show. BANG!!! only a matter of time …

  • merlinfanepic013

    i really would not like somebody to fall on a sword thats gonna hurt in the morning oach!!!!

  • Merlinfan

    ‘Merlin is right, this is no ordinary illness, there is sorcery at work here’ Go on Merlin you tell them and i think he gets to figure it out with the knights, COOL.
    Gwen doesn’t realise how close she is to learning Meriln’s secret, i hope she does get to know Merlin’s secret, as i would want to know how she would take it and if she would tell arthur, hmmm……………………, but i doubt she would.
    Who knew Gwen was so tough (i didn’t), Well Arthur won’t let them hear the end of it, ha ha ha, HA, Arthur just wants Gwen to be a woman and not be like a man, but go on Gwen you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is very very interesting and i really REALLY can’t wait now this looks like it’s going to be a great episode, i just can’t wait, MERLIN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • merlinrocksbabies

    the merlin series was brillant especilly when gwen went to save merlin