• Wow! I didn’t expect that they were offered a 6th season, and Bradley turned it down. It makes sense though how he expressed in previous interviews that he’d want to do Merlin as long as he feels passion in it. I’d have been happy with a new season but calming down after the ending news I understand why they’re ending it.

    Would love to see Bradley reprising his role in the possible movie trilogy, though. :)

  • Merlinfan1

    OMG they were offered series 6 but i do agree with Bradley it does make sense in a way and i can’t wait to see what films or tv series’ they are all in next, love those guys sooo much Merlin would have never been good if it wasn’t for them and i admire them all sooo much but my saturdays next autumn will never been the same without them, lets hope they go out on a high at the end of christmas :) xxxx

  • Bradley James has confirmed rumors that have been flying around for months. The BBC and Shine wanted another season of Merlin. It was never canceled! The actors chose to say “No” because of the poor scripts and an unimaginative story line offered by the producers. Okay, what is done is done. It’s my understanding Capps and Murphy are no longer captaining the ship. Let’s get on with the next step.

    The fans need to contact BBC, Shine and the actors to let them know that they want Merlin movies at the very least. They need to tell them…same actors, no substitutes. People watch Merlin because of the actors not the storyline. If Colin, Bradley, Katie, Angel etc aren’t involved, forget it. It won’t work. Shine should save its money. If money is question, Shine can pay more the actors more. This franchise is making money.

    So don’t wait. Flood them with letters, e-mails…. even phone calls. This show was popular, which should make it easier.If you believe, you can make it happen. If you sit and do nothing, don’t even start complaining.

    • The Watchful Guardian

      It won’t happen. We did the same with DWC and nothing happened. I’m sorry I know it’s hard when things like this end. I hate endings but one thing you have to learn that in this life there are endings and we have to accept them. I’ve been in the shoes where you’re standing before with you’re courage and determination. I’m afraid nothing happens. I’m not being a defeatist, I’d love to see Merlin continue but believe me it won’t happen. Yes when I was in your shoes I felt as though I could take on the world and win. But nothing happens, the decision has been made and whether we like it or not, so be it.

  • Nimueh123

    It is real no wonder that the cast had enough. They have given 5 years of their lives to the show – enjoyable ones, yes. And we have loved them, giving so many memorable performances. I think if the producers had wanted them to stay on, they would have had to ensurebetter character development and more imaginative stories in the end.
    Colin, Bradley and the lot deserve THEIR chance now to shine somewhere else.
    I would like to send them best wishes and kisses:)

  • #1merlinfan

    Sad as I am that the show is coming to a close, Bradley’s reasons for turning down a sixth series confirm why we all love them so much as actors. Love their genuine passion. Hope to see them all again in a movie trilogy, confident that if there is a movie with them in it, it will be well worth watching!

  • mrwho

    This makes a LOT of sense. No wonder the series felt so massively unfinished – James quit before the show met its natural end. It’s a massive, massive shame that we never got to see what had been promised for so long; I had been looking forward to the empire Arthur was destined to build, the dynamic between Arthur and Merlin once he knew that Merlin had magic, and we were deprived of that. It’s a massive, massive shame. Merlin ended before it got to its best.

    I am disappointed that James chose to quit now, although it is understandable. However, the selfish part of me does have to think about how jobs used to be ‘for life’, and 5 seasons of a TV show really isn’t a tall order when there was so clearly so much more to tell. But it’s his decision.