• WOW those photos of Merlin with the sword are so intense and powerful! His smile is powerful too. Wonderful pics, especially the ones of Merlin. Thanks.

    • Guest

      Totally agree!! Looks like a breathtaking finale on the horizon.

    • #1merlinfan

      Totally agree!! Looks like a breathtaking finale on the horizon…

  • snowcat60

    I have so enjoyed this magical ride into medieval times with Merlin these past 5 years. I cannot even imagine not waiting for a new Merlin episode……Thank you to the BBC, Shine, TPTB, the exceptional crew, and of course my Merlin cast for a wonderful ride and a new fresh look at an old legend. I will forever always envision Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana as they were in my favorite show MERLIN.

    • TARDIS44

      Dude…I salute you!

  • TheBlueTardis

    Does this mean we get a magic reveal? I hope so make the show go out on a high! It’s been the best!

  • TARDIS44

    Let’s hope that smile means his magic is now accepted and he is Arthur’s advisor. Is it me or is that Excalibur?

    • Nimueh123

      Not sure if it is. Would be logical, but last time I saw Excalibur it was quite ornate all over. This looks rather plain.

  • Nimueh123

    Has Merlin finally something to smile about?

  • Many Merlin fans want more…That’s why petitions will be made for Merlin Season 6 we can all sign up and if the amound is realy big they will give us more…who wouldn’t, can you imagine the money they’ll win if they continue after this?So no reason to cry either having a continue or not Merlin will always be in our hearts…