• Nathan Tancock

    I’d love to see some Merlin films, but I don’t think I would be interested unless they featured the show’s cast and were set within the film’s continuity. I’d hate it if the makers of the TV series then began a new version of the story.
    Don’t try and fix what isn’t broken!!!

  • snowcat60

    How could they restart from the beginning? the actors are and look older than series one. I hope they just go one from now, though how will that mesh with the tv servies/????? I hope they don’t mess things up and ruin a good thing…..

  • Wise Ood

    Merlin films would be great!!!!! I can’t wait!

  • Spider-Man

    Please don’t reboot the show via movies. You risk angering us; the fans. And that NEVER ends well.

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    I’m really glad about this. But I’d prefer it to be a continuation than a reboot.

  • SilurianGod23

    I’d rather it be a continuation, because it would be silly to just throw away those 5 series, but otherwise it sounds epic!

    • bluebox444

      They wouldn’t really be throwing them away. Just because the movies would follow a different continuity doesn’t mean the series would then be of no value. If the films are to be successful, they should probably be a reboot. After all, Merlin isn’t very well-known in America.

  • Ivyteainn

    Let’s get on with planning Series 6. It’s ridiculous to reboot the past for
    movies. The actors have physically matured beyond that point. Johnny Capps needs
    to keep his head on straight. Movies could either coincide with the series or be
    a continuation. Capps would be foolish to throw away the television end of the
    saga for a much more risky movie proposition.

    • bluebox444

      I think they could do both, but to be honest, I’m not sure Merlin needs a sixth series. It will depend on where they take the story this year. Previous comments from the producers have implied that this may be the conclusion, story-wise. Merlin is a story which, at some point, needs an ending. Dragging it on for too long would be a mistake.

  • Peripherus

    If they keep the same cast for the movies I will love it no matter what they do although I doubt they would do that :( They better not reboot with a different cast otherwise I will hate them….

  • Carrie Nims

    I think there should be a sixth season, then make the movies continue from that. If you reboot the whole series I think it will loose interest and the actors have matured beyond that, just do a continuation.

  • Wise Ood

    Merlin as a film would be so epic, it would be fantastic.

  • Should for sure be a continuation, just because it is not well known here in america, does not mean we who watch and live here do not enjoy it the way it is. I think the reason it lacks interest here in america is because it did not take off until at least season 2 were the characters matured into their roles. It would be great to finish off the series with movies that follow the adventure. use the remaining series to build up to a point where Arthurs kingdom is really threatened by an epic evil and then start the movies. it would be perfect. Everyone who loves the series will know the entire back story and everyone just watching the movies can be given hints to the story that can further even the series watchers knowledge. it would be perfect in my eyes. it would then put rerun value on the series too, which will increase profit, its win win for everyone.

  • Ivyteainn

    There is some debate on how long the television program should go on, to me the answer is simple. If the viewers wish to see Merlin for a Season 6 or 7, then it should continue. It should be what the people want. It’s for their enjoyment. There are always storylines to be followed. There are many Arthurian legends untouched.