• I’m very sad my favorite character ever won’t appaear on a weekly basis on my screen after 30 December 2012. I’ll miss my Merlin…

  • #1merlinfan

    Wow…I’ve grown up with this show. Really sad it’s ending. Can’t help but feel it’ll always hold a special place in my heart, cheesy as that sounds! Gotta love Richard Wilson, though. ^^

    • snowcat60

      I’m almost a senior citizen and I love this show — don’t know what I’ll do once this ends. ….

  • Nooooo :'((( I’m really sad. I’ll greatly miss Merlin. :'(

  • Regretfully the story hasn’t grown in the last two years. The same plot has been used for three years now. This story could have been so much better with good producers and writers. As it is, Merlin was carried a long way by the actors. They made the story enjoyable and thrilling even if the story lines were deplorable. I shudder to see how this series will be brought to an end.

  • TheBlueTardis

    Just hope it goes out on a high with a magic reveal! It’s had a great run!

    • TARDIS44

      If not, my obituary will say annoyance

      • we can bring Merlin back.How?By signing petitions for Season 6 if the amound is REALY big we can hope for more…

  • Oh dear :(

  • Nimueh123

    The show is reaching its natural and dramatic end – Arthur’s death!
    If they deny as the magic reveal there will be a boycott on the seaon 5 DVD!

    • Arthur’s death, whoa, I’m not sure I’d like that :O It is sad enough without a main character dying T_T On the other hand, there’s gossip on Tumblr about possible spoilers involving a reincarnation ending scene….. If Merlin really ends the same way as in canon, I’d prefer to have at least a heartwarming reincarnation/modern day scene at the end, to see all of them happy. >.<

      But the magic reveal. Oh yeah. If we got it in ep 10/11, than we would still have the finals for solving the caused complications…. That would be perfect. But I fear that even if – and I'm sad that I can't say 'WHEN' for sure – we have The Reveal, it will occur only at the end of the 12th episode (dramatic final cilff-hanger), so there will only be one episode for problemsolving. Or worse, Merlin may outs himself from the magical closet in the very last episode. :(

      Well, I'm dead excited. Should the worst come, I can always count on fanfictions and personal headcanons. XD

      • snowcat60

        …and re-watching past season’s episodes….sigh….

      • mpamies

        you should see the promo pics from 5×13. You wouldn’t be so optimistic about a reveal in 5×12 (or at all) then… :(
        If there is no reveal then this show had all been for nothing.

  • TheGreatDetectiveAreAwesome

    Very sad. I hope it goes out well.

  • The only good thing that will come from this is the definite magic reveal at the end of the series. That will be relieving

    But, doesn’t this mean Arthur is also going to die at the end of the series? :O

    • TardisBoy

      It doesn’t mean that Arthur will die necessarily, as there have been many versions of the Arthurian legend. Some suggest that Mordred wounded Arthur, but Merlin killed Mordred and saved Arthur’s life using magic. Others suggest that Mordred dies after a fatal blow from Arthur, and vice versa. And then others suggest that Mordred and Arthur part ways as friends and Merlin having taught Arthur all he knows places his soul into a sacred tree and departs into death (no word of a lie)

      So really it’s any ones guess on what they decide to do for the finale :) (though I sincerely hope they dont make Merlin turn into a tree :/ )

      • I don’t know why, but I really want to see Merlin become a tree XD

        • TardisBoy

          Hahaha it would be an original ending, and one not many people expect.

          But for me personally I want the clichéd ending. The one where Morgana dies (Or becomes good again, but I think she’s too far gone for that) and so does Mordred. Arthur discovers Merlin’s magic and learns to accept it. Therefore the great land of Albion is born where mythical creatures, magic and the people of Camelot and other kingdoms can integrate as one :P

          This for me would be the perfect end :D

          • I’m hoping that the ending will feature “10 years later” :)

          • snowcat60

            this is a good idea too!

          • snowcat60

            I like your ideas!

        • Nimueh123

          LOL. I am with you on that one! :D

          • TardisBoy

            I’ve just noticed your avatar and I’m also quite annoyed that Nimueh never made another appearance, she had so much potential and her character was waisted :(

  • TardisBoy

    It may be sad but this definitely the right decision IMO. Though I will miss the show incredibly as it’s been a huge part of my teenage years (I was 13 when the first Series aired) and the show has given me many moments of joy, laughter and heartbreak :)

  • Peripherus

    But the storyline isn’t moving fast enough for it to be the final! :(

  • Peripherus

    I will be fine, I think, as long as it has an amazing ending, and I mean amazing.

  • thependragons<3

    This show is amazing and will be missed. Very sad but i definitely think it will go out on a high note. LOVE THIS SHOW