• Nimueh123

    Merlin is a family show and Game of Thrones is very adult. That’s it. They are both great in their own realm IMO!

    • bluebox444

      Exactly. Merlin is far more family-friendly. That’s why it’s better.

      Just kidding; I’ve never seen GOT, so I can’t judge. Not sure I’d want to watch it, though.

      • Nimueh123

        If you like fantasy and a good story and you are over 18 I would say you’d really like it. They are heading towards season 3 I hear, so there are 2 seasons to catch up with if you were interested. :)

  • oddling

    Merlin’s going north! Scottish accents please.

    • bluebox444

      Oh, yes! Definitely!

  • Dannii

    The only major similarities between the two shows is the actors/actresses that have been on both shows. :)

  • Morgause137

    Never seen GOT but i’m sure Merlin didn’t copy them

  • Esterath

    Merlin needs to grow up. Thank God for Series 5. Don’t think I’ll watch Episode 1 of Merlin considering ‘Doctor Who-The Angels Take Manhattan is on before it. =(

  • thependragons<3

    its about time Merlin did some growing up, it has started to show in S4 but it needs to go to a new level :)

  • TardisBoy

    I really can’t wait until merlin returns!!! XD