• TARDISType40

    So sad to see it end :( I just hope it ends the best way possible.

    Anyway just something I’ve been working on. This is My Merlin magic reveal moment in the worst case scenraio.

    (After Arthur finds out that Merlin has magic in whatever

    Merlin: Arthur…

    Arthur: You have magic? And you kept this from me? I can’t
    believe this. A serving boy managed to hide such a secret from me.

    Merlin: Arthur please… Tell me, what was I supposed to do?
    I thought that one day you’ll see that magic can be used for good. And anyway, I’ve saved your life countless

    Arthur: Oh, so now you think that you can undermine my
    authority and power? Don’t forget Merlin, I AM YOUR KING! And you will address
    me as such.

    Merlin: Of course. My Lord. But please, you must understand
    that I had no choice. I did it for the good of Camelot and to protect you.

    Arthur: That’s enough. I’m sorry Merlin. But I’ve seen too
    much about the chaos sorcery brings. And I have no choice. I’ve bent the rules
    for you before and I’ll do so one final time.

    Merlin: Please Sire. You must try to understand.

    Arthur: I hereby sentence you to exile. You have one hour to
    pack up and leave.

  • Nimueh123

    I just love Colin, I think as much as they have enjoyed making the show it must also be exciting to go to new projects. I can’t wait to see him in other roles!

    • mpamies

      I second that! I hope he does tv and films and not just go back to theater. He has so much potential, this man…