• I liked Merlin before I went evil. I LIIIKED Merlin.

    Then I found something better.


    • JimMoriarty

      Lol, its funny cause you’ve changed your name since you wrote this :3

  • Great, it’s going to be exactly the same as series three & four. Can’t wait.

    • itssomething

      lmao, couldn’t agree more!

  • A magic reveal and Morgana’s redemption are the only things that could make Merlin interesting at this point. 

  • Peripherus

    Morgana’s redemption?? I really hope so, that would really make this a very interesting series. Every Merlin series they have said that they are going to get better and they have, hopefully they will do the same this time.

  • God i can’t wait! I want Morgana to redeem herself
    Apparently series 5 might be the last series so hopefully there is a magic reveal around the corner

    • Nimueh123

      Do you really?  I can’t say that I have a lot of sympathy for Morgana  I do not care how misunderstood her character is (according to Katie,  :) )
      SHE chose the path of evil, she made her choice.  I could understand why she loathed Uther, but fail to see what made her hate Arthur so much that she wants to see him dead (and enjoy the process 4.13). Yes he is against magic, but Morgana must surely have grasped that Arthur is very different from Uther.

      • MikeAP001

        I agree with you but I don’t see Morgana as THE ENEMY because she’s been misled.  I think she’s become an enemy and a villain of Merlin and Arthur but she’s not the BIG BAD.  I don’t sympathize with her and I’d like a better explanation for her claim to the throne of Camelot than she’s Uther’s daughter and eldest child even Queen Annis looked skeptical.  But, given the way she was in the first two Seasons, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was someone controlling events, some one or thing that manipulated her into becoming the way she is now, who used Morgana AND Morgause. 

        In lit and psych, they call this the Shadow character, “the player on the other side”.  I’d look for characters who are like Merlin/Arther serving the same purpose in every way except this player chose to use his/her gifts for selfish reasons choosing to substitute one form of tyranny for another, that is the NEMESIS like Druids who like Morgana and Morgause served the Triple Goddess but perhaps perverted the true message (The ones that pop into mind are Mordred and his former mentor, Alvarr).  So, if Morgana has been manipulated by someone unseen to the viewers just as Merlin manipulates events seen by us then  I’d like to see Morgana redeem herself. 

      • lp229

        Morgana went beyond being misunderstood in series 3 when she found out that she was Uther’s daughter.  She has allowed her bitterness to corrupt what was her initially understandable purpose of restoring magic to the realm, it seems now all Morgana cares for is her own power. 

        Katie does very well playing Morgana but I think the way she was written in series 4 made her a very textbook irrationally evil villain. In the finale for example, it would be more entertaining to see her use her intelligence and actually treat the people with respect to build up a support base against Arthur, rather than rule as a tyrant.  Mordred should return in the next series and I think that will fresh things up a little, it wouldn’t surprise me if Morgana found out from Mordred who Emrys really is. 

        • Nimueh123

          Yeah, I agree with you on all points.  Mordred could be a formidable adversary. It would be interesting if Morgana found out who Emrys is before Arthur learns about Merlin’s magic.

          • lp229

            The rate the relationship between Arthur and Merlin is going, that probably will be so. I don’t want the re-set button to be hit on their friendship next series, Series 4 showed them to be close and Series 5 should be a progression from that until Merlin is valuably trusted by Arthur as a councilor. 

            I was quite disappointed with the way Tristan and Isolde were written into Merlin, their names were merely copied and the essence of their characters save their relationship were just thrown away. These are too important characters in the legend just to see them make one appearance in the finale. 

            The new interpretation of Mordred has the potential to be a much more interesting character than in traditional variants, more clever and less consumed by bitterness. I will be looking forward to seeing the development of his character but there are rumours apparently that Asa Butterfield will not reprise his role, I hope this is not the case. 

  • I hope series 5 will be Merlin’s series: I want real Merlin centric story arcs! Merlin needs to have stories in which he is the real hero. I want to see Merlin acts more as Emrys, as the Dragonlord, as the powerful sorcerer of the Merlinian legends! Plus Colin Morgan is an AMAZING AMAZING actor! 

    • Nimueh123

      I so agree with you!  After dedicating season 4 mainly on Arthur’s character development it is high time we see Merlin becoming the powerful sorcerer we know of. 
      Being powerful is inevitably a path between good and evil and I can’t wait to see what Merlin has to face to become wiser and more mature.   A reveal is essential to the development of the Arthur/Merlin relationship.  I feel that neither can move on if Merlin’s secret remains a secret.  Arthur cannot start to embrace magic as a force of good and Merlin cannot become who he is destined to be.

    • MikeAP001

       I agree.  I’d like to see Merlin go on quests with others besides Arthur including individual members of the KORT (as he did with Gwaine) and Gwen, gathering more knowledge and totems to use so Merlin can become the great sorcerer he’s destined to be.  If that’s Season 5 then I’d like there to be a Season 6 where Merlin uses this knowledge to secure and develop Albion. 

  • jpegmaster

    please bbc make either a merlin movie after this, or even merlin the video game on wii, xbox 360 and maybe ps3

  • lp229

    I really can’t wait for the autumn, I’m looking forward to see how the story unfolds in series 5 and how Gwen will turn out as queen. Fingers crossed, there will be some development in the the knights of the round table, perhaps even some individual quests for the knights. Merlin’s magic has to be revealed this series, I feel after watching series 4 they have exhausted the ‘don’t tell Arthur’ theme. The circumstances of the finale when Arthur had lost his throne and needed consolation was an ideal moment for Merlin to reveal himself. When it finally does happen, I hope it will be part-way through the next series so if it is the last we have some longer footage of Merlin by Arthur’s side. 

    To have Morgana’s redemption would be an interesting turn but in most variants of the legend this only happens after Camlann. No doubt, the writers could adjust the story yet it seems too early given that Morgana has yet to form an alliance with Mordred 

  • danib0y

    Agree totally with you, Ip229! What a chance for two REAL friends to reveal to each other what the really are! Let´s see if in the 5 series this situation finally is solved for the good of all The Albion kingdom! :)

  • MikeAP001

     I’m a fan of the Hero Archetype.  If Season 5 IS the last for Merlin then we could expect the formation of Albion in which the 5 kingdoms form an alliance which includes those with and without magic against a common enemy. 

    As for a Morgana redemption arc?  If the writers wanted, it would be relatively easy to do.  Sorry… the browser crashed. 

  • MikeAP001

    If the writers wanted, Morgana could easily gain redemption.  I’m a fan of the Hero Archetype method of story telling.  The writers would just have to let her complete her Heroine’s Journey so she becomes Morgana the Healer.