• Nimueh123

    I thought Aithusa looked ill in the trailer. She is limping and does not look well. I wonder if she has also lost her voice? or her ability to fly?
    I am really intrigued by the carrot reference. Supposedly they end up in someone’s hair :)
    Morgana’s Star Wars line: May the ……be with you!
    I assume Mr.Martian is offically called a Diamair. Nice.
    I do not think that Mordred is Arthur’s Bane. It seems to be an item that is small.
    If we can believe Alex Vlahos we will certainly not find out where Mordred’s allegiance lies.

  • Peripherus

    I expect Arthur’s Bane to be Mordred.

    • TARDIS44

      That would be way too obvious. It’s probably something ridiculous like a rock you can throw at his head to kill him

      • Peripherus

        I agree, but I can’t think of anything else we have been introduced to so far, apart from Aithusia.

    • Nimueh123

      I do not think that Arthur’s Bane is a person. From one of the trailers it looks like it is a small item.

      • Peripherus

        Well, I have no idea. Perhaps it is even Aithusa.

      • thebluetooth

        Gwen? Merlin?

  • Peripherus

    Arthur’s Bane…. Merlin? Morgana? Mordred?

  • ThePowerofRussellHoward

    Arthur’s Bane isn’t what we expect?

    “When Camelot is ashes. Then, you have my permission to die”

  • Esterath MkII

    @ThePowerofTheCherub:disqus Could you make sure Pdurston gets this I’d like him to see it.
    I will put a link for you when it is on The Doctor Who Site!
    When the TARDIS crash-lands on the Criminal Dispachment, a planetiod prison built for criminals, the Doctor senses something is wrong. His worst fears are realised when Rory and Amy are kidnapped by an insane criminal! Can the Doctor gain the trust of the impeccable Controller and uncover the secret of the Talerian before Rory and Amy are sold as slaves to the most ruthless businessman in the seventeen galaxies?
    1: The missing ‘T’ in Despachment could be important and the ‘WET PAINT’ sign is significant.
    2: The Doctor discovers the truth to his favourite childhood story involving a religious sacrifice…
    3: Rory finds out something he really shouldn’t have…
    4: “Hugo Timewryn, ruthless businessman, bit like Al Capone but puffier.”
    5: “Rory, please don’t make me fire!”
    The first page:
    ‘Every year the Criminal Dispachment’s criminal record totals up to 1,000. Every criminal is tried and tested by the judges to be found guilty. Naturally, every one of them is guilty. Now.
    ” Criminal 2342- guilty of mass destruction, terrorism, adbuction of innocent people and stolen goods. Send him in.”
    “Hello, I’m the Doctor!”

  • SilurianGod23

    Can’t wait for Saturday! :D