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Merlin: Arthur’s Bane: Part 2 Pics

Below you will find promo pics for the second episode of Merlin Series 5, Arthur’s Bane: Part 2, courtesy of the BBC.

Pictures feature Liam Cunningham (Ruadan), Sefa (Sophie Rundle), Richard Wilson (Gaius) and Angel Coulby (Gwen).

Arthur’s Bane: Part 2 airs Saturday at 8.25pm on BBC1.

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  • Nimueh123

    I wonder if Gwen and Gaius are sending Sefa on a mission giving her the chance to get her death sentence for some reason?

    • SilurianGod23

      I was wondering how she found time to pose next to a tree while having a death sentance! :D

  • Aislin

    I so not love the hints of Sefa being Merlin’s new love interest >.<

    • Nimueh123

      Don’t worry. Nothing will come of it. TPTB were very clear that Merlin is not going to have a love interest in season 5. Nice to see Merlin flirting a little bit though. He is a sorcerer, but he still has got human feelings!


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