• Pdurston

    Ooh, very interesting! Looking forward to this series of Merlin now. It looks rather different and darker than before.

    Just when Doctor Who ends until Christmas, we have Merlin to enjoy! :D

    • ThePowerofTheCherub


      Its a great way that they’ve done it. They’ve aired it now so the series will go on until christmas, where we shall receive another Doctor Who :D

  • Nimueh123

    Lovely photos. But I’m still upset that Merlin has no chair at the round table.

    • AmyPondIsAwesome

      Why would he?

      • Nimueh123

        Well, he was at the end of series 3 when Arthur and the knights sat around it for the first time. Gwen and Gaius were there, too. And Arthur had a little speech about equality etc.
        Then, the first episode takes place 3 years on – I would have hoped that somehow Merlin’s status had changed to reflect all he had done for Arthur and Camelot at the end of season 4.
        IMO quite a lot of good reason why he should be there.

        • AmyPondIsAwesome

          But Arthur doesn’t know what Merlin has done for him. His status in Camelot is still as a manservant.

          • Nimueh123

            Arthur does not know the full extent of what Merlin has done for him being a sorcerer, but he should appreciate the support he had from Merlin during the fight for Camelot in the last 2 episodes of season 4. Merlin gave Arthur a shoulder to’cry on’ , lots of motivational talks when it was necessary and above all hope when it was needed.
            Merlin also saved Arthur’s life by getting him out of the castle in time.
            – just to mention a few things Merlin should be appreciated for.

    • maybe he will by the end of the series if he reveals magic (he bloody better)

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    Great pictures!

  • Aithusa

    Morgana looks nice! so do Merlin and Gwen. Arthur doesn’t look very different.