• Can’t wait for Morgana’s scene :D

  • snowcat60

    poor Mithian — she probably just wanted a glimpse of Queen Gwen…..LOL

    • snowcat60

      she looks very pretty in the top photo!

      • snowcat60

        however, I am strickly Arwen…..

  • Colin Morgan is really the biggest strengh of this show. He plays the titular character and the episodes should all put him front and center. I’m happy this episode makes him more justice.

  • MerlinFan

    I just want to say that Merlin had the biggest parts in episode 1, but also in episode 2 and shared the biggest part in episode 3 with Arthur. If he has an even bigger role in the episode 4, I’m very satisfied! It’s Merlin’s show, so he needs to be front and centre!

    • It’s more to do with Merlin’s actions in ep4 than the amount of screentime. You really feel he is the hero, much more so than the other eps in series 4 (so far).