• “From this day forth, the Druid people will be treated with the respect they deserve” FINALLY *.* yay for more Arthur/Merlin scenes ♥♥

    • Anonymous

      I love that Arthur is growing and maturing — and setting the stage for magic to return to Camelot….This was an excellent episode! Bradley was awesome —

  • I hope we’ll see a lot more of Merlin in that episode! Stories should revolve around him as he is the main character of the show! I’ve had enough with Arthur and the knights already! Give us more Merlin! 


    Lol “I’m always peeing” betcha Merlin says that! mmmm, this is looking to be creepy… verrry creepy………………………………..

  • “I know Elyan is a friend, but that friendship ended when he ***** ** **** *** ****” Found he lost his Gwen? That’s a rubbish guess isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Is it“I know Elyan is a friend, but that friendship ended when he tried to kill the king” ?”

    • Anonymous

      Fits nicely and I think I saw Elyan wielding a sword at Arthur in the trailer……

  • Anonymous

    looking forward to this!

  • “Ask Arthur, I’m always peeing!” lol love this merling, and i love how arthur has a more sensitive side allowing merlin to confront him with his secret MORE

  • Anonymous

    “Or we could just do it now. Whatever it is that we’re doing, in the dark, when it’s incredibly scary and dangerous”

    Merlin is so funny…LOL