• This episode sounds like it could well be the best, not just in this series –

    12 – Perhaps when Mordred escapes to save Kara, Gauis tries to convince Merlin that he has done the same before?

    14. “If You Reveal Your Secret, I will ????? ???? ????”

    15 – Final Line…Hmmm. Perhaps Mordred goes back to Morgana and they plan to go to war, and Mordred tells Morgana exactly who Emrys is…

    I actually cannot wait for saturday!

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      “I will never love you” ? that fits in the ???? bit but seems an odd thing to say

  • Nimueh123

    I am starting to feel sick now – seriously.
    Merlin seems to behave really badly – or rather hypocritical. How can they??? This is the end of the show and our hero is changed into a villain???? I hope I am interpreting this wrongly, because I cannot stand that thought.
    Why are they doing this – Merlin sooo deserves some respect and acknowledgement.

  • “You will be taken from **** **** and ******”
    You will be taken from your home and killed.

  • “He is no different from his father”: Arthur

    The final line is a killer!: Either means an amazing line, or a literal killer line

    • Maybe the last line is the magic reveal! …..

  • it is interseting the teasers

    these two teasers sound good

    10. The final scene will leave Merlin fans across the land with jaws
    agape. this was off another site


    15. The final line is a killer!

  • 14. “If You Reveal Your Secret, I will ????? ???? ????”
    14. “If You Reveal Your Secret, I will spare your life”

  • ThirdofEight

    A swan or a head louse…WHAT???

    Someone gets a bump on the head in the nick of time…again?

    The final line is a killer…OOOOOH!!!

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