• Ha Da

    No pic of Merlin himself when the episode will be mainly Merlin centric in addition of being Mordred centered too?

    • The Kindness of Strangers was Merlin centric…

      • its more of a mordred centric episode just because of the story and how he goes from sticking by arthur to going on morgana’s side and the girl kara

        • Personally, I can’t see how that is a bad thing. Mordred was made out to be the big threat in the first two episodes but we have barely seen him up until now.

  • lp229

    I enjoyed ‘The Kindness of Strangers’, the writing was very good and it deviated from the standard formulaic approach. if the rest of S5 are like this, we will be in for a great finale.

    It is slightly disapointing that Morgana didn’t find out about Merlin’s magic, though I suspect it will happen in the next few episodes as Mordred allies with Morgana. I think the writer’s need to explore the Saxons a bit more, suddenly Morgana has got a whole army at her disposal and there is no explanation for it.

    It comes to the detriment of this story arc that Morgana has raised an army twice before and tried to seize power with no success. It’s one of reasons why I think the producers should have stuck to the coming of age tale with Camlann happening in the distant future off screen. Never mind, third time lucky Morgana!

    • Nimueh123

      LOL I like your point about Morgana and her men. Well, I assume the woman has to do something in her spare time! :D
      I am also slightly disappointed that there was no ‘reveal’ but at the bottom of my heart – though hoping – I thought that even at this late stage, we would not be rewarded with a mini reveal. If there is one – they are certainly keeping it for the final!

  • ‘Arthur’s Bane is himself.’ Nope its Merlin. :(