• lp229

    Sounds promising, though I will get annoyed if Morgana doesn’t find out about Merlin’s magic in this episode. With only four episodes left of the show, its time that the relationship between the characters should move forward.

  • Nimueh123

    4. So Finna must be another high priestess, it seems.

    8. Gaius to Merlin after they seem to argue with each other (3.)

    10. Who will die – seems it’s a knight (12.) What will I do without you (10) fits in here, too.

    13. Alator to Morgana

    14. OMG – after all Kilgarrah has put Merlin up to, now he is going to say, it was all for nothing, you cannot stop the fall of Camelot. Hope not….

    7 and 15 seem to go together to. Merlin is given something of importance that he has to guard well.

    I agree with Ip229. It sounds fab, but Morgana surely must find out about Merlin now.

    • ThirdofEight

      Yes, no more Convenient Concussions, please!

  • Morgause137

    sounds like a very sad and dark episode we will have to see though

  • ThirdofEight

    Something big absolutely must happen this week. I get the feeling that Arthur may not find out about Merlin’s magic until the finale (given that we know he’ll still be using his “Emrys” guise in Camelot’s final battle), and I’m okay with that as long as EVERYTHING isn’t left until the end.

  • Ha Da

    Thank you! I can’t wait for this Merlin centric episode.