• TheDarkLordDeep™

    Oooooooo, how I love merlin, shame they’ll be no series 6. :'(

  • ‘Merlin disguises himself twice and one of them is… questionable’
    why is dressing up as a lady questionable? do i sense some transphobia?

    • Your reading far too much into that. A disguise is poor when you can still tell its the same person

  • This sounds very interesting :O

    Highly anticipating this episode

  • I’m very excited for the episode. Particularly the scene involving Mordred + Morgana, Merlin + Aithusa, and of course how Arthur founds out about Gwen.

    *crossed out*And every Merlin + Arthur, naturally :P*crossed, muhaha*

  • Nimueh123

    It looks like a brilliant episode where we finally get some kind of plot movement., There is not a lot of time left to resolve things. Although i am sure Colin is going to be a marvelous woman – it means he is hiding his magic again from Arthur!

  • What do you mean when you say “questionable” and “hideous”? I’m sure Merlin will be a gorgeous old sorcerer! ;) I know that Colin Morgan played all his roles (Three roles in one episodes!) excellently, as always. Colin Morgan is amazing! The best actor nowadays!

    • Not sure even Colin Morgan can sell this one. Check the review on Friday for more thoughts.

  • “Without you, I fear I would have lost ** *** at the very least”

    MY LEG. It’s the only answer. Except all the other ones.

    • Not leg.

      • snowcat60


    • Nimueh123

      How about I would have lost IT ALL ?

  • CaroleEC

    “This blade was forged in a dragon’s breath, and it will do my bidding.” Calling it.

    • snowcat60

      oh, so exciting!

  • DearBee06

    so excited for this whole evil!Gwen thing to be over. Angel has been great but I need my kind and sweet Queen back. lol I have a feeling this is gonna be a really good episode. All the OT4 plus Mordred will be involved which is always great.

  • Nellie

    Maybe #6 is: “You must summon the young Aithusa herself!”