• lp229

    This is a reasonable review that reflects some of the anxieties of the fans. At one point, I thought that a magic reveal would be inevitable, though now the producers have decided to go along with a failed vision of Albion, I’m not sure whether we will even get one.

    • TARDIS44

      I agree. I would have thought they’d reveal it about half way through, then build on that. This is just getting tiresome

      • It is not only tiresome it is reflective of the repetitive lazy writing we have seen all season.

      • Nimueh123

        Tiresome is a very polite way of putting it !!!

  • This is what I’m worried about – we may not get a magic reveal, which would be pants, because all five series have been building up to it. With 4 episodes left, can it be done properly?

    I hope it can, I really don’t want just a little throw-away line. I wouldn’t even mind if the magic reveal was the last thing before the credits of the final episode. Or, even better, the cliffhanger to part 1.

    There is SO much stuff to cover in the last four episodes: e.g. Magic reveal, Mordred turns, Morgana finds out who Emrys is, Albion is united.

    Can they really get this done in four episodes, or will it just be like ‘The Wedding of River Song’ in Doctor Who where everything happened so quickly it was naff?

    This series has been one of the best, if not THE best i have seen, I just hope they can make a suitable ending for it. I’m properly scared, actually O:

  • TPTB have spent the last 3 years with a lot of missed opportunities in favour of stupidity, fanservice meant to appeal to a dismal few (less than 1% who just happen to be loud) and forgot about the rest of us, the core audience, not the loud and obnoxious and twisted. They should never have been running this show or more accurately RUINING this potentially great show. Missed opportunities indeed.

  • Indeed Colin Morgan should be commended for playing three different characters in one episode. he already did it several times. Colin Morgan does the hardest work in the show and also the most brilliant. The hero he plays is dark -darker-, serious but also comical and funny, so it’s also good to see him in dramatic and tragic scenes as weel as in comical and funny scenes. It sure delays Merlin’s magic reveal, but I think that the fans of the comical side of Merlin will appreciate the scenes and the work behind it.

    • Nimueh123

      If Colin does not get some kind of TV award for Merlin this year it would be totally wrong!

  • Nimueh123

    You have voiced the main concern of many fans. Time is running out to deal properly with a magic reveal – which seems to lead to the conclusion there there won’t be one.
    The producers promised before season 5 that ‘they would wrap things up properly’ if the show should end with season 5. Well, it looks like that their interpretation of ‘properly’ does not coincide with the one of the fans.
    I have no idea how they could possibly deny us what the show has been building up for 5 years – no Albion, no visible golden age, no reveal – I am so disppointed I find it hard to watch the show now because I can’t bear if this will actually happen.

    • I still think they can do the Merlin’s magic reveal in three episodes if the next one deals with Emrys and the way Morgana will know about him.

      • Nimueh123

        I sincerely hope that you are right! and thanks trying ot cheer me up :) But I do not trust the two JJs!

      • the upcoming episode may well deal with the question of how Morgana will find out about the true identity of Emrys- as its, from what I’ve seen in the trailer, a continuation of The Secret Sharer from last series

  • I watched tonight’s episode and I can say I absolutely loved Colin Morgan’s portrayal of Merlin, Old Emrys and Dolma! Dolma is absolutely fantastic! What ana amzing work he did as the three roles!

  • I wonder if at the end of the last episode they may zip ahead to Alibion united and Merlin as Arthur’s advisor person, or maybe even zip forward to present day, and having John Hurt reading a book about the Merlin legend? Would that work???

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