• looks so good in one episode old merlin and merlin as an old woman

  • TardisBoy

    This episode does look really interesting, however I’m really disappointed by this series so far. Some episodes of have been exceptional, and yet the rest have been considerably dull. Merlin is getting very, very repetitive now and it seems like they are just regurgitating old story lines from past series just with different characters involved. What annoys me about this series the most is the fact that Mordred (Perhaps one of the most important characters in the Arthurian legend) has been left on the sidelines for most of the series, when really he should be at the forefront of the action. I really do hope that the Series picks up pace and starts deliver, otherwise I fear I may turn off out of sheer boredom. Sorry for all this negativity I just had to get out my frustrations.

    • Nimueh123

      I think the feeling of frustration at the lack of plot development is now taking hold of in many fans. Time is running out and NOTHING major has happened again.
      We all also know that filming is finished and no matter how much we complain nothing will change now.
      I am very sad and disappointed at season 5. Although the episodes are engaging and enjoyable to watch the overall story has been forgotten. IMO the show would have profited so much from a magic reveal. So many other shows have been bold in their way of pushing the story forward (Grimm for ex.). It is a shame that Merlin’s producers have not had the guts to do it. Their ‘if it works, don’t tinker with it’ attitude has seriously stalled the characters and spoiled this season.

  • I’m looking forward to Merlin using more of his powerful magic! Plus he’ll become Old Emrys and transform himself into an old sorceress too! Wonderful Colin Morgan!

  • DWFan

    Now this looks good! Too much filler this series, Mordred seems to have been shoved to the side in favour of old school episodes that have nothing to to contribute to the main plot, get the finger out writers!

  • Nimueh123

    I seriously hope that something major is going to happen this episode – and I do not mean Gwen being saved from Morgana’s clutches. The trailer looks really good but will the episode push on the main story?