• Nimueh123

    These are brilliant.
    I think that the druid boy Daegal will give his life to save either Merlin or Arthur. IMO he might be in with Morgana to start with leading Merlin into a trap, but then regretting his deeds and redeeming himself by sacrificing his life. So much for a theory!
    It will be really interesting to find out Morgana and Aithusa’s story, and Morgana’s ultimate weakness (she probably likes dark chocolate??? :))

    • angst4colin

      That will be another carrot in stick in terms of letting Merlin have actually someone else to be there actually for him, but then to just quickly lose them. Where are the Hunith’s, Balinor’s, Freya’s, Lancelot’s, and Gwaine’s that were there for Merlin have gone?

      • Nimueh123

        Yeah, you’re right there. Merlin has no right to be even a tiny bit happy.

  • “Poor Merlin, we’ve never seen him in such a bad way!” => Ahem. He was on death’s door (in fact his heart STOPPED in episode 1.04). It can hardly get any worse than that – or can it? ;)

    • Wait until you’ve seen the episode! He’s in a really, really bad way in this!

      • TARDIS44

        How soon do you guys get to see the episode? I presume you see the whole thing before it airs?

  • I hope it’s a Merlin centric episode? When will Merlin’s own story will develop? It’s too much about Gwen and Arthur… I want to see more Merlin in Merlin!

  • daanwjanssen

    I think Merlin going to see a girl and Arthur being a cross-dresser are related, wich would be funny if true.

  • Merlinfan1

    “Arthur is a cross-dresser” haha, well i cannot wait for that bit, Merlin saving a durid boy what a good person he is, but what will camelot do without him, we will have to wait…….
    I seriously cannot wait for saturday my week is filled with joy when i know that saturday is coming, it is never the same without Merlin and we have it until the end of December, Yeah, come on we gotta love that, WOOOOOO xxxx