• Thanks for this review. I’m more interested in Merlin’s storyline than in puppet Gwen. I hope we’ll get to see more pf Merlin’s powers and aptitudes! Can’t wait for this more Merlin centric episode.

  • I’m especially looking forward to Colin Morgan’s performances and to Merlin’s own storyline. Each week, I get satisfaction only in Colin Morgan’s brilliant acting as the stories are so repetitive since they show way too much Gwen/Arthur, the two characters I don’t care about one bit. I want to see more Merlin/Great Dragon, Merlin/Magic, Merlin/Romance, Merlin/His own family and Merlin/Gaius stories. The show has to focus more on its central character : the hero Merlin! Hope this one will satisfy me entirely.

  • angst4colin

    Stahp being such a cry-baby baby Colin. Arthur (u know, that guy) and that show are no worth your tears.