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Merlin: 508 “The Hollow Queen” Preview – Cult Fix
  • TardisBoy

    Wow! That was another brilliant episode! :O

    I’m loving this new development with Gwen, it is making me interested in Merlin again. But I’m still annoyed that the Mordred storyline seems to have been forgotten :/

    Anyway bring on next Saturday!! :D

    • lp229

      Gwen does make an interesting villain, but, in all honesty, I found this episode a bit tedious to watch. It was essentially a recycled plot from when Morgana and Agravaine were the enemies within.Yet again Merlin was put in a situation whereby he is unable to do anything about the traitor because of their affections to the King, The ending was identical to that of ‘The Tears of Uther Pendragon’, when the episode finishes with Morgana receiving praise from the King and court for defeating the supposed traitor.

      Again, I love ‘Merlin’ but the writing is terribly lackluster this series in contrast to the momentum the show had gathered at the end of Series 4. So many brilliant opportunities have gone to waste.

      • Nimueh123

        Yes, I am hitting frustration level 100 at the moment.

  • Nora

    This looks more interesting though

  • episode 11 looks more like a mordred episode by looking at some of the pictures

  • Nimueh123

    It looks like Morgana killing Merlin in the scene where blood runs from his mouth. She also seems to knock him about again. I hope he finally retaliates in a proper way..
    On second thought – maybe it is someone else trying to save his life after Morgana got to him…..