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Merlin: 508 “The Hollow Queen” Clip

The BBC has released a clip for the 8th episode Merlin Series 5, The Hollow Queen. Sarrum (guest star John Shrapnel) arrives in Camelot:

The episode airs Saturday 24 November 2012 at 8pm on BBC1.

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  • Merlinfan1

    Wow first to comment, well i have to say iT looks very interesting, I hope Gwen returns to her normal self after ep 9, as i think that Merlin will hopefully find a way to rid of her horrible ways and things will be back to normal with Gwen and Arthur, i’m liking the new Gwen and i bet it was an interesting thing for angel to do as well, I cannot wait for this weeks episode, this series has taken me by surprise so far, more mature which is good as most of us viewers will have grown with the characters as well. I LOVE MERLIN XXXXXXXX

  • snowcat60

    ohhh — DON’T like that guy….don’t trust him Arthur


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