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Merlin: 507 “A Lesson in Vengeance” Teasers

Here Cult Fix’s hints and teasers for the 7th episode of Merlin Series 5, A Lesson in Vengeance.

  • Gwen and Arthur’s Anniversary celebration is cut short, literally
  • Once again, Mordred is barely in it, although he at least gets a line this week
  • Gwen’s strange behaviour is put down to Elyan’s death
  • Merlin prefers female clothing
  • Gwen’s left a vital clue behind
  • “Hilda” is back
  • Arthur finally starts thinking, “What if Merlin is right?”
  • “Arthur’s time is nearly upon him”
  • Someone you least expect ends up in prison
  • Castle Camelot’s guards display their trademark stupidity
  • Merlin demonstrates some fine vertical skills
  • “I don’t know if I have the ***** to ***** *** ****”
  • Gwen’s got blood on her hands
  • You will see Merlin in tears
  • Long live the queen

The episode airs Saturday 17 November 2012 at 8pm on BBC1.

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  • TardisBoy

    I was wondering whether this is the storyline that leads to the famous moment of Gwen’s betrayal of Arthur. I know in the legend it was her affair with Lancelot, and it has already kind of touched upon last series. But maybe the writers wanted to show Gwen’s betrayal in a more interesting way and make it something original, like they normally do with stories from the Arthurian legend. Either way it is only this and Mordred’s story that is keeping me interested in Merlin at the moment :/

    • snowcat60

      I think you may be right — especially since we’ve already run the Lancelot route….I think they would want to show Gwen’s betrayal in a different way. After this show ends, we will all have a new Camelot idea in our minds! Pooh to the old legends!

  • ThePondsFinalBattle

    I don’t know if i have the balls to fight the army and i guess gwen dies or arthur and merlin ends up crying

    • Nimueh123

      Nol, Gwen is still under Morgana’s spell for another 2 episodes. So it is not that.

      • ThePondsFinalBattle

        the balls thing is probably right oh and maybe arthur? or someone else

  • nellie

    “Arthur finally starts thinking, ‘What if Merlin is right?'” I’m so excited for this one! I hope it means lots of moments between Arthur and Merlin. Also… Merlin in tears?? Aww poor thing! I hope that this episode does not disappoint… we are getting to the half-way point of the season, and I would really love a reveal!!!!

    • Debs Caroline

      I think Arthur is voicing his opinion to Gwen and telling her that he is beginning to doubt that the stable boy is guilty of trying to kill him. Merlin in tears I’d presume is because the stable boy is going to be put to death despite the advice given to Arthur. The writers to actually give us something like a reveal at the half way point…I’m not going to hold my breath on that one. Why they want to draw it out and to what end I have no idea.

  • Nimueh123

    Merlin in tears – now that bothers me.
    What if Merlin’s right? I wonder if that is for real or just a moment of ‘weakness’.

  • MerlinPowerfulMagic

    Merlin in tears! Poor Merlin! He will never get a moment of happiness!

  • MerlinPowerfulMagic

    Merlin’s heart will be broken, once again…

  • Itsame Mario

    Surprised there are no hints to do with Dragoon, seeing as he was in the next time trailer :/ even so, we’re just at halfway through, with a strong ongoing plot line. I have to be honest, this is SOOOOOO much better than series one and two’s bookends in terms of plot (1.1, 1.13, 2.2, 2.13). Glad they have sped the pacing up a lot :D

    • Cult Fix

      Old Merlin is only in a couple of scenes. And one of the hints is tied to him.

    • angst4colin

      for Merlin’s characterization alone, Series One way much better than any of the episodes this series. He was strong-willed, more for-greater-good-centered, more capable and powerful. Now, he’s relegated into a mere wheel just to keep the aggrandization of the other characters, with diminished capacity, an all-for-Arthur devotee, and just wallowing on angst endlessly.

  • ThePowerofArthur

    “I don’t know if I have the power to *Something* the king”?

  • nellie

    “I don’t know if I have the power to change his mind?” Maybe? Just my guess.

  • snowcat60

    Who’s Hilda?

    • ThePowerofArthur

      If I’m right, she’s the old woman Morgana pretended to be in “Another’s Sorrow”

      • snowcat60



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