• ThePowerofPudsey

    Sounds very interesting :O

    Can’t wait to see this one

  • Thanks for this review. I’m so eager for more Merlin centric stories and episode and I’m happy we get more of focus on Merlin himself in this episode. I can’t wait for Colin Morgan’s amazing acting and, even if it’s for a few scenes, I’ll enjoy Old Merlin since Colin Morgan portrays him perfectly.

  • The Malevolent Sensorite

    Hmm, familiarity and repetition seem to be a major problem with Merlin as of late. However, I’m hoping Gwen being evil will really shake things up. I doubt Elyan’s death will impact on the show at all, but I’m looking forward to seeing Angel’s acting in this.

  • snowcat60

    not liking the evil Gwen character

  • Why did you cut Merlin’s head in the pic above? I noticed that as of late you never post Merlin’s character pics. You post everyone’s pics but Merlin’s… Is there some kind of discrimination against the hero & main character of the show? …

  • Nimueh123

    I really like evil Gwen – Angel has finally been given scope to show what she can do.
    It was a great episode, albeit one that could have appeared in season 3 or 4, too. What about the main story arc?