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Merlin: 505 “The Disir” Preview

Merlin’s adventures continue next Saturday on BBC1 with the 5th episode of 13 entitled, The Disir.

In the inky depths of an ancient pool, three soothsayers cast a dark judgment upon the King of Camelot. But despite Merlin’s warnings, headstrong Arthur refuses to take the words of the Disir (Frances Tomelty, Sian Thomas, Helen Schlesinger) seriously and their fury rains down on Camelot. Only the greatest sacrifice can appease them, and with the kingdom in jeopardy, is it one that Arthur is prepared to make? Faced with the King’s uncertainty, Merlin has just one chance to save him from his destiny, but this decision comes at the highest price.


The episode airs Saturday 3 November 2012 at 8.15pm on BBC1.

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  • Nimueh123

    This looks epic. Arthur, Merlin, Mordred – I wonder what the sacrifice will be.

  • dalekjack

    Someone please answer-Is Morgana Arthur’s sister?

    • AmyPondIsAwesome

      Half-sister. Same Father different Mother.

      • dalekjack

        Oh, thanks.


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