• Gustaff

    Something that bothered me was the lack of red suit. We were promised an evolution, but Matt only had the red suit on for like a minute. That black gettup is probably the worst hero costume. At least Arrow started with the green one, but lost the grease paint.

    I’m inclined to agree with most of what you said. I don’t want to come off as comparing it to Arrow as I like both and both succeeded in entertaining me which is the most important thing.

    I loved Fisk and how he spoke. I didn’t care much for Paige. I am a little confused by the ending though. I thought the Kingpin always stayed in the shadows and nobody in the public eye ever caught wind of his real activities. Now pretty much everyone knows him. Help me comic book fans?

    • I suppose it’s all down to your opinions of the black suit – I understand people saying that it’s a little plain, though I grew to like it (and if season two happens, that’ll be a full series) towards the end. And I’m glad you didn’t compare it to Arrow – in their current forms they’re not hugely similar shows, and I’m tired of people constantly using DD as a stick to beat other comic book shows with (even if it is great).

      • Gustaff

        People do seem to use DD to beat on Arrow, which is ironic really because one’s gritty and dark setting must’ve helped Netflix develop their even grittier world. I keep saying, DD is what Arrow would have been if it had been on Netflix. But it isn’t, it’s on CW and it’s great. It follows the rules set by CW and it is great to watch. Both have their good and bad points but both are just as much fun to watch.

        Doesn’t matter if it’s Marvel or DC, it’s great storytelling and that’s all that matters.

  • Stewie_Doo

    I didn’t like Wilson Fisk in the series. I felt like he was meant to be this terrifying, intimidating force, yet he just wasn’t. He felt more pathetic than serious.

    • 10th rules

      That’s because the series was showing us how he became into this ruthless, beast of a man and that came to a conclusion in the series finale, series 2 will have the Kingpin fully established personality wise which will be absolutely amazing!!

  • Top quality review of Marvel’s TV series debut. Personally I have mixed emotions about the series. Everything up to the Russians conclusion was magnificent, and then it lost it’s focus, although this is perhaps getting ahead of myself. Possibly this had something to do with showrunner Drew Goddard leaving the role mid way through production to take on Sinister Six. Fisk is absolutely the best part of the series which this review highlights well, what a superb handling of creating a villain that is so much richer and deeper than “evil behind the scenes overlord”. The benefits of TV indeed.

    I think it’s a good series, not quite perfect but then it’s a first time, I can forgive a roughness around the edges. If it had been 10 episodes long, and the finale a two-parter so the audience could adjust to the red suit for a bit longer (I liked the simplicity of the black suit, it complimented the often brutal fight scenes nicely) then it would have indeed been perfection in my eyes

    • Post Script: No shout out for Wesley? My favourite character of the series. Magnificently calculating and dark to begin with, the growth of his character and his loyalty and smooth advice to his friend is superb. And then there’s his arc conclusion…