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Marvel’s ‘Civil War’: What It Means – Cult Fix
  • Gustaff

    The MCU Tony is too anti-government and pro-hero to consider something like this. If anything, Cap would be pro-registration, but again, then he’d be the bad guy in his own movie. Logically, Tony and Cap could be teaming up against someone else who wants the Act to be passed. A lot of things are critically different in MCU. For one, Spider-Man is not there. I know about the whole Sony/Spidey/Avenger thing, but that is still nowhere near enough heroes (secret identity even) to make this story work.

    Tony as the bad guy, I don’t like the idea. Thanks for explaining the storyline to me. However Civil War angle cannot work – yet! Maybe sow the seeds in Cap 3, but I don’t see the story working with a roster of heroes who all have their identities exposed already.

    • notsosmartguy

      IDK Steve seemed pretty fed up with how the government did thing in winter soldier.

  • notsosmartguy

    Great Article Phil. I think the ultron innocent in avengers 2 will cause Tony to reevaluate how he does things, which will cause him to go into a more villainous direction. However it would be kinda weird considering He’s much less of a d*ck in the movies than in the comics. Maybe he’s manipulated by Thanos? But what I wanna know is will Captain America die like in the comic? And if so who will step in to fill the void, Bucky or Sam?

  • K.9

    I hear Spiderman plays a major part in this civil war and an issue you neglected to mention is the fact that Sony owns his rights

    • notsosmartguy

      Apparently they might work something out with Sony.

  • Perhaps they could tie the Sheild VS Hydra plot into it as well.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    I can see them making a few changes. For one thing, you mentioned the lack of heroes with secret identities. This leads me to think that they might find a different cause to fight over in the movie. The other thing is Iron Man as a villain. I think it’d be more interesting to portray him less as a bad guy. There’s always two types of war stories. The more common good guys vs. bad guys and the often more interesting morally ambiguous vs. morally ambiguous. While the comic leans more towards the former, I think it’d be cool if the movie went more for the second option. Iron Man doesn’t have to be a villain to be the antagonist. It’d be hard to pull this off, but then it’d also be hard to make Stark an outright villain considering he’s one of the most popular superheroes in cinema history. Still, no matter what they end up doing, this should be brilliant, especially with the Russo brothers behind the wheel and the possible appearance of Spider-Man. I can’t wait.

  • Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    It looks like Civil War will be largely self-contained to CA3, though I’m guessing films like Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and the Inhumans will be involved.

  • Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    Ironically enough, a lot of the “problems” people are pointing out with using Civil War in the MCU might end up saving the movie. A lot of people tend to forget that, according to almost all the comic book fans I’ve heard, Civil War was one of the worst comics ever written. It was, as one critic put it, “a continuity-shredding mess that took years of retcon to fix”. With the secret identity aspect of the story almost completely cut out, this movie can focus on what the comic really should have been about all along: security vs. liberty. How much freedom are we, the human race, willing to give up in order to ensure our safety? We already got hints of that in Winter Soldier, and I thought it was done extremely well (especially in a movie ostensibly about exploding flying aircraft carriers).

    Also, this movie looks like it’s going to give us MUCH better reasons for Iron Man essentially being the villain. In the comics, Iron Man basically turned evil for no reason other than “we needed one of these heroes to be the villain and Tony Stark is kind of a jerk anyway”. But with what we’ve seen of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony is gonna screw up big time. That’s why, in CA3, he’ll be backing the government side of the battle: the events of AoU will give him a genuine belief that the bigger picture is more important than himself or Cap.

    As for Spiderman, at least one of the critics I’ve heard think it’s a good thing he’s not in the movie. Spiderman’s story in the Civil War comics was a fiasco by all accounts, and the writers ended up penning “One More Day”- otherwise known as the worst Spiderman comic ever created- purely for the purpose of retconning his role in Civil War into oblivion. Plus, Spiderman seems to be a pretty controversial figure in superhero movies nowadays, and odds are an MCU Spiderman would require YET ANOTHER reboot, and frankly everyone’s gotten sick of Windows Vista-ing Spiderman at this point.

    Also, it looks like it’s still going to conclude with Iron Man vs. Captain America, so that’s gonna be amazing.