• Another great series and a great episode too, but I have to agree, the ending was a bit too convenient. Also, loved the bit where they were all drugged – when it finished I just said to myself: “What the hell just happened?!” (I was especially surprised at the rip-out-heart thing!)

  • A very good review, James – you have a real métier in the field of reviewing and I love your style. I would attempt to pinpoint your exact ‘style’ but its hard to describe really. Anyway I have thoroughly enjoyed your reviews of this series of Mad Dogs – even though I didn’t see it myself – and I can’t wait for your next projects. What will your next venture be?

  • A great review, James! Your enlivening and varied language coupled with professionalism as a reviewer is a winsome combo. I commend your ability to review rigidly when it’s called for.

    There’s not much I can say about the episode as I wholly agree with your viewpoint this time. It concluded on a dismal note and, although I’m still excited about the final two-parter, it was disappointing on quite a few levels. I sincerely wished there was a few shocks in store!

    On a side-note; what became of your review for Badlands?

  • The Questor

    Series 3 hasn’t impressed me. I came in with high expectations, expectations that weren’t met, leaving me naturally disappointed. It hasn’t been good as the previous two.

    Episode 4 wasn’t a good ending. Compare it to the endings of Series 1 and 2, and it is sadly lacking behind them. Apart from Lazaro and the hallucinations, I`m struggling to think of things that I enjoyed. 6/10.

    This series has been too predicable and repetitive at times for me, with the arguments being the most constant thing throughout the twelve episodes. It’s still been good, and enjoyable, but it all felt a bit dragged out to be honest. Overall, episode 2 is my favourite. Maybe it’s because it’s a little bit different, I don’t know. But it’s certainly been the best.

  • medwards07

    Could someone please tell what that haunting tripping song/music Lazaro was performing was?