• Ah, it’s always nice see a review from you and definitely when it is this tremendous. It was consummate and the writing was up to your usual superlative standard. Well done!

    Whilst I have not seen this episode; I have watched the first series and I can therefore agree with some of your points. Especially the part about their hostile relationship, which was one of the highlights of Series 1 for me, and the actors’ brilliant performances.

    I should really get round to watching Series 2 this weekend, because I actually have the episodes recorded. Then I may be able to catch up to the UK in time for your next review.

    • Cheers, Tyler. I was quite chuffed with how this review turned out, but I wasn’t expecting that kind of praise! Thanks, again.

      Out of interest, what’s happened to your reviews of Da Vinci’s Demons? Is the series off air for the moment, or something?

      • You have no reason do be displeased. I genuinely enjoyed it.

        There are two reasons for no Da Vinci’s Demons reviews lately. Two weeks back I was on holiday and unable to review the episode, then last week it was off air for some reason. It’s back on tonight though so there will be a review of episodes 6-7 coming up in a few days.

        • Aha, no, I wasn’t saying I was displeased with it. On the contrary, I’m rather happy with this review. I just wasn’t quite expecting the level of praise you gave it.

          Well, that’s good. Can’t wait to read it!


    Very good review James. Well done.

    The opener was good, but not one of it’s best. I was a bit disappointed by it, mainly because my expectations were high. Season one and two have been brilliant, and I`m expecting the same from this season. But this episode seemed to lack something, something that I can’t quite put my finger on. It wasn’t as good as the previous eight episodes. It was a bit of a slow episode, compared to the others, and lacked humour as you say.

    What the episode did do though was set us up nicely for the next three, which look pretty exciting. Going to be interesting to see the 4 guys on their own – although they will bump into each other at some point, no doubt about that. Four new identities, but what will stay, is the mayhem. I`m looking forward to it.

    I’d give this episode a 7/10. I`m expecting the others to be higher.

    • Yeah, the common consensus seems to be that this episode was decent, but missing that vague something. But I also agree that what’s coming looks to be a far better prospect.

      Cheers for your thoughts, and I’m glad you enjoyed the review.