• doctorforpresident

    in my opinion a) episode 3 was the best this season .
    b) this season itself was the best of luther.
    c) luther is one of the top three programs on television

  • A top-notch review, James. Your writing is exquisite and you have proved yourself as a great reviewer.

    I found your view to be totally agreeable this time. The other reviews that I have read have vibrated the same about Stark’s subplot, but they’ve all been satisfied with the ending. I agree with you, though, because the ending was really unfulfilling. Luther walking off with Alice had never been the ideal ending for me and this episode did nothing to alter that. I also wish Luther had handled things himself. That’s what I loved about the previous season finale as Luther used his brilliance and intelligence to get out of his mess. This time – there wasn’t much that he did successfully and the defeat of Marwood required no wit from anyone’s part. That said, the roof-top scene was damn tense and exciting!

    As for Ripley’s death, perhaps it was shrugged off a little too soon, but that’s forgiven due to the heartbreaking interrogation scene where Luther sternly looks at Erin and utters “Loved him”.

  • My list as promised!!

    1. Series 1
    2. Series 3
    3. Series 2

    Series 1 was brilliant from start to finish and had me screaming, hiding, heart pumping, excited, shocked. It was just fantastic to watch!

    Series 3 was brilliant; but I already knew a death was coming in episode 3, so it wasnt as shocking as Zoe’s death in Series 1. :/ and I really didnt like the ending; I agree with your thoughts here. Ripley seemed to be shoved to one side.

    Series 2 was just boring :/ it wasnt as good as the first Series; but it was pretty enjoyable!

  • Another great review, James!

    Yeah, I have to agree about George Stark being a complete letdown. I don’t know how they actually wanted this story to go, but it went absolutely nowhere. Erin Gray was a little more… well, a little less annoying – we see that she’s more misunderstood rather than selfish.

    Alice’s return was brilliant in my opinion and she delivered one of the greatest lines ever spoken in any TV show… “If you ever betray him like this again, I’ll kill you and eat you…” I love how calm she was when a mass murderer was chasing her around a tower block too.

    I do agree that Ripley’s death seemed to be washed under the table after the first 20 minutes. It would have been nice if, at the end, on the bridge, Alice had brought Champagne and two glasses, poured them and Luther had made a toast to Ripley. I would have also appreciated a nod to Mark North and Jenny Jones at some point in the series too. I loved how he just threw his coat into the river – as it signified a change in Luther’s life and the end of the series.

    Overall, this series has been a cracker! Despite the Stark v Luther coming to nothing, we’ve been scared out of our wits by a creepy stalker in the attic, almost given a coronary by Ripley’s devastating demise, and been thrilled by the naughty-but-nice Alice Morgan. What a blast!

    In terms of series order, it just pips the second series to second place:

    Series 19/10
    Series 38/10
    Series 28/10