• TardisBoy

    What the hell?!?! ….I mean….I’d gladly look at his muscles any day….but this is just weird O.O

    • notsosmartguy

      Oh myyyyyyy

    • Huknar

      I just noticed your avatar! Yay for Once Upon a Time fan. :)

  • Wizza

    Ok, who replaced the actual trailer with Matt’s pre-audition workout video?

  • ClassicWhovian

    Ummm…yeah. Right then. Yep. Okay. Yeah.

  • notsosmartguy

    Okay was that a teaser or some kind of lsd induced vision.

    • TardisBoy

      I think….maybe both?? XD

      • notsosmartguy

        Whatever it was it was hilarious XD

  • What.

  • notsosmartguy

    Off topic question. Is there gonna be a godzilla review?

  • Huknar

    Well that looks a bit more than awful. Poor Matt. He was better off in Doctor Who. :(

    • notsosmartguy

      Meh we can’t judge a movie based on the teaser. If I had judged teaser for the godzilla movie based on the teaser I would’ve missed out on a great film.

    • PK-S

      It’s an indie film – from the mind of Ryan Gosling – of course it’s going to be barmier than a bag of spanners.

    • RoastNewt

      I don’t think this teaser really tells us enough about the film to make that judgement yet. It’s much too vague.

      • Huknar

        Well trailers and teasers are for making judgements. They are to get you interested in seeing it, and from this, I am very, very far from that. It was just a rather poorly made teaser.

        • RoastNewt

          A teaser dictating your interest in a film is fine (I actually agree with you that it’s a poor teaser), but judging what an actor is better off doing from this seems a little bit unfair. I’d at least give him the benefit of the doubt until the full film is released.

          • A_Persom

            How is it poor? Too vague? That is a ridiculous statement. We can clearly tell what the film is about. Paranoia. Doesn’t it’s strangeness interest you? Doesn’t it’s lingering questions beg to be answered? Doesn’t it’s symbols beg to be decoded?

    • A_Persom

      Have you ever heard of surrealism? I don’t think someone should criticism something outside one’s understanding. If you are familiar with surrealism, then tell me why you find it awful. If you don’t understand it, then I am glad that you are repulsed by it because someone who is not drawing assumptions can go and see it in the place of you.

  • Joel Mole

    what the hell was that about????

  • PK-S

    Are you my mummy?

    – 2005

    Don’t blink

    – 2007

    Hey, who turned out the lights.

    – 2008

    Look at my muscles

    – 2014

    • notsosmartguy

      I never knew Matt was so ripped :-)

      • PK-S

        Well, if you saw any of the filming photos for this – and production pictures on American Psycho – then you’ll see he went from Doctor Who to Doctor Buff.

        • The Twelfth Finn

          He’s now Mr. Muscle.

          *Ba dum tsih*

          I’ll get my coat…

        • Liana

          I’m still not knowing how I survived to the night I was on American Psycho…that was glorious. And probably I’ll take a bottle of chamomilebtea for see this movie.

  • What the….I just-…What the hell did I Just watch……Ohhh my MATTY! WHY!!!

  • Haha-aha-hahaha-haha-aha-ha-haaa…uhhh… wut?

  • I have just gone through my house for the last 5 minutes singing “LOOK AT MY MUSCLES!” …..No one got it )’:

  • The Twelfth Finn

    Well that was weird o.O

  • Who Fan No 565

    Okay……… *backs away slowly*

  • I’m actually reading the script for this right now, and it seems pretty cool.

    • Clara Laurinda

      Where? Is the script online?

    • teddybowties

      heh. vainamoinen. I have Yet to meet another livingbeing who knows who that is. ;)

  • Trippy…

  • If you look the film up on wikipedia, you’ll find that one of its producers is someone called Marc Plat… O.o Don’t worry, turns out it’s not our Marc Platt, but just an American producer with the same name!

  • Fitz? Is that… Fitz?

    Oh my giddy aunt.. That’s Fitz!

    • Namnoot

      I had no idea he was in it too.

    • Fitz from what?!

      • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D i think……At first I Thought they meant Fitz from the eighth doctors novels…

  • Josh Thomas

    What in the world…………….

  • Meanwhile, on Trenzalore…

  • tombaker64

    What did I just watch?

    • A_Persom

      Surrealism my friend. Surrealism.

  • pearls994ever

    What’s the big deal? I’ve been looking at his muscles for months now…

  • shyx111

    So this is what the Doctor was doing when he was bored.

  • ThePowerofTheDoctor

    I wonder how long it will take someone to make a 10 hour loop of “Look at my muscles!”…

    • notsosmartguy

      Probably in a day or 2.

    • Liana

      Just wait a friend to read this.

    • I think we can expect it in the next W&W.

  • Djornad

    It’s weird and cooky. It’s an indie film. I LIKE IT. ANOTHER.

  • The Administrator

    1. This looks great. Dark and weird. My type of film.

    2. Matt Smith’s muscles. Yes I’m looking Matt. You don’t need to tell me to.

    3. Err… I mentioned the muscles right?

    • Liana

      Yeah, you did, but I don’t care, his muscles are so sexy.

  • The Oncoming Hurricane

    …What…did someone slip me LSD or something?

    Well, it certainly looks…interesting.

  • JFrance

    Well,That was weird.

  • twoheartsonemind

    That was weird and coming from me that really means something, but it does have Ian DeCaestecker and Matt Smith, so I’ll probably end up watching it. But seriously that was weird.

  • Liana

    Matt, you don’t have to ask me see your muscles, I do it for my own practically every day.
    I’m really looking after this movie, it looks weird, but hypnotic at the same time (and no, I’m not just talking about Matt’s abs).

  • Namnoot

    Well that was odd.

    • A_Persom

      Not odd. Brilliant. We generally assume things to be odd, when we really don’t understand them. Deep down, we all can understand this. We have all felt the emotions presented and have all dreamed the dreams shown.

  • TheFirst

    I am looking at those muscles, Matt. I am looking.

  • The greatest weapon

    This is weird but I weirdly like it.

  • BlueBoxBum

    What muscles?

    I’m so bummed out I didn’t know he was in Detroit when they filmed this. I would have popped around for a peak.

  • Basically Just a Snow Queen

    Totally making the 10 hour loop

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    And the fangirls scream in 3…2….1….

  • Theoncomingpenguin

    Either I’m really drunk, or that was as weird as I think it is.

  • Lady Romanadvoratrelundar

    …I…I literally have no idea what I just watched.

    • notsosmartguy

      Your not the only one I thought I dreamed it up but I just woke up and found out it’s real.

  • teddybowties

    oAh, I get it. It’s a covertly hyper-modern, richly psychologically symbolic movie, sort of like ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ with Heath Ledger a few years ago, or ‘Quartet’ with Paul Newman in what was it, ’79?. The repetition of “Look at my muscles” was VERY symbolically representative, perhaps, of what the bullied person feels in that moment where they KNOw they are going to get persecuted and it is adefining moment in their lives, that turning point. Very nice. Very jarring. of course, many people will not understand that, and just call it wierd. Great shows like this, and shows like Dresden Files, with a lot of intellectual value, are apparently too intellectual for mainstream movies and tv, according to Hollywood, excepting the few intellectual movies that have managed ot make it past their bray-dar. Thank you Hollywood. Thank you for being so slow to recognize good stuff for those of us who aren’t fixated on Top Gear and boobies. Please, for my fellows down below me, don’t screw this one up and relegate it to the universal shi(p)can.

    That said, on a less intellectual note…

    MMMM Matty’s MUSCLEs.

    AND on another note, I STILL think this ‘movie’, while interesting, could be one of Moffat’s Blue Harvest ploys. Remember Capaldi being the doctor from the (W)orld (H)ealth (O)rganization in ‘World War Z.’

    Also.. an American involved in the movie named Marc Plat, much like Marc Platt?

    LOST RIVER????

    (What? I’m a Scorp Rising and I get bored.)

  • Ghoul

    “Lost River” with Matt Smith. Somehow this seems very Doctor Who like. (The title that is.)

    • iBooa the First

      Well, he did lose River…

      • Ghoul


  • TheOncomingFish

    This film looks fantastic. Dark, clever and surreal with symbolism. My type of film.
    And on a more shallow note…
    Wow, look at Matt’s MUSCLES…

  • A_Persom

    Oh yes, this is exactly what we need in Hollywood. Time to stop escaping and start thinking! Hopefully this film will be the insight into the human mind it should be.

    The image of the bicycle on fire is compelling and represents the paranoia of the main character; his fear of the world around him and it’s spontaneity.

    Then we see Matt Smith’s character. The main character then draws these assumptions about him. As humans we all wonder what kind of person people are; when we are on a bus, we look at other people and wonder if they mean harm or good.

    The main character is drawing assumptions. He believes Matt Smith to be an imposing masculine figure who will seek to do harm to him.

    It is very fascinated of course. I look forward to seeing it and analyzing it further.

    • The greatest weapon

      I agree with all of this. Perfect.

  • Ian

    Matt is handsome! I will look at his muscles. But I have no idea what the film is about.

  • JailBanksters

    What the hell was that…

  • Geekette221B


  • Yikes, this has been getting bad reviews. Apparently it got booed at Cannes. Shame.

    • A_Persom

      Don’t judge a book by its critics…



    Okay, I actually quite like this. I have no idea what the hell just happened, but I greatly appreciate the fact that it didn’t follow the traditional trailer format, and instead did something completely different that actually makes me quite want to watch it.