• Deus Ex Machina

    I read some other reviews passing this off as another forgettable filler with a fairly low score. This review however reflects my feeling for the story much better. Sure, it did little to further the Savage plot, but from a character development standpoint, it was one of the most interesting and compelling episodes yet. Who’d have thought Captain Cold and Heatwave would be the two most interesting characters?

    That Ray and Kendra subplot though, I’m not so sure. Last episode when it looked like a one-off for some light comic relief, I didn’t mind it. Now that it seems like an ongoing thing though, I’m worried. As you said, Kendra has received very little character development. Perhaps a Kendra focussed episode is needed. As for Ray, he was my favourite character during his time on Arrow, but he doesn’t quite seem as fun and interesting on Legends. He’s become just a cheesy, handsome man of action archetype.