• dfsfdv

    You’re supposed to rate things, damnit! Give me a rating! I need your rating!

    • This was a one-off, I promise! This episode was like a 9/10 and a 5/10 at once, but it wasn’t in between the two. So if you’re looking for a rating… you can have two, for half the price.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    You know you have a problem when this was a better episode of Arrow then Arrow itself.

    Well aside from the awful Ray/Jax/Kendra triangle they seem to be setting up. God damnit you avoided the Tumblr bait for five episodes, Legends. Drop it now!

    And yeah, what was up with Ollies old man make-up? Looked good in some shots but terrible in others. It was left to Amell to sell the aging which he did really well. Even if him fighting all of a sudden like his younger, sprightly self was jarring.